SN 2008ax

Electronic Telegram No. 1280

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Further to CBET 1276, R. Mostardi, W. Li, and A. V. Filippenko, University
of California at Berkeley, report the LOSS discovery of a possible supernova
(mag 16.1) on unfiltered KAIT images taken on Mar. 3.45 and 4.39 UT.  The
variable is located at R.A. = 12h30m40s.80, Decl. = +41o38'14".5 (equinox
2000.0), which is 53".1 east and 25".8 south of the center of NGC 4490.
Nothing was visible at this position on KAIT images taken on Feb. 8.47
(limiting mag 18.9) and 19.45 (limiting mag 18.0).  Given the distance to NGC
4490, and assuming that the variable is associated with that galaxy, the
variable an apparent absolute magnitude of only about -13.4, suggesting
either (a) a highly reddened and/or low-luminosity supernova or (b) the
super-outburst of a luminous blue variable such as SN 1997bs (Van Dyk et al.
2000, PASP 112, 1532).


Host galaxy info: vel = 565 km/s; 6.3 x 3.1; 10.22; SB(s)d pec

SN type info: Ib-pec


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