SN 2011du

Electronic Telegram No. 2753

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SUPERNOVA 2011du IN anonymous galaxy

Further to CBET 2745, J. Kelly, S. B. Cenko, W. Li, and A. V. Filippenko
report the LOSS discovery of an apparent supernova on unfiltered KAIT images.
The object was designated PSN J18564206+3638107 when posted at the Central
Bureau's TOCP webpage and is here designted SN 2011du based on the
spectroscopic confirmation reported below.

 SN       2011 UT        R.A. (2000.0) Decl.      Mag.      Offset
 2011du   June 23.40   18 56 42.06  +36 38 10.7   18.8    0".5 E, 2".3 S

Additional unfiltered CCD magnitudes for 2011du:  a co-added frame from June 2
to 19 UT, [19.8 (KAIT); June 24.39, 19.1 (KAIT); 26.424, 18.3 (J. Brimacombe,
Cairns, Australia; position end figures 42s.15, 10".9).  Brimacombe's image is
posted at website URL


Host galaxy info: vel= 17598 km/s

SN type info: II


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