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Theoretical Astrophysics Center seminars are held on Mondays at noon (~12:10 pm) in 131 A Campbell Hall unless noted otherwise. The current TAC organizers are Marcel van Daalen, Jing Luan, and Philipp Moesta. For more information please contact them at tac-seminar[at]

Note: There are also Berkeley Cosmology Group seminars on Tuesdays.

January 23, 2017 Kate Alexander Harvard CfA Cosmic Extremes: Probing Energetic Transients with Radio Observations Tanmoy Laskar
January 30, 2017 Kartick Chandra Sarkar RRI/ISS Supernovae driven outflow in circumgalactic medium and the Fermi Bubbles (CANCELLED) Drummond Fielding
February 6, 2017 Reinhard Genzel/Hannah Uebler MPE Garching Mass budgets, kinematics, and ISM conditions of 1<z<3 star-forming galaxies Davide Martizzi
February 13, 2017 Iair Arcavi UCSB/LCOGT New Ways of Doing Time-Domain Astronomy: Supernovae, TDEs and Beyond Alex Filippenko
February 20, 2017 N/A N/A NO TALK (President's Day) N/A
February 27, 2017 Doug Lin UCSC Planting seeds for gravitational wave generators around active galactic nuclei: Analog of planetary systems around massive black holes Jessica Lu
March 6, 2017 Calen Henderson JPL Space, the Next Frontier: Exoplanetary Microlensing in the era of Spitzer and K2 with an eye toward WFIRST Howard Isaacson
March 13, 2017 Ragnhild Lunnan Caltech Fantastic Beasts (& Where to Find Them): from Superluminous Supernovae to Calcium-rich Gap Transients Tanmoy Laskar
March 20, 2017 Ana Bonaca Harvard CfA The Milky Way halo in the Gaia era Sedona Price
March 27, 2017 N/A N/A NO TALK (Spring Break) N/A
April 3, 2017 John Wise Georgia Tech The First Stars and Galaxies in the Universe Kareem El-Badry
April 10, 2017 Dennis Stello UNSW Australia The asteroseismic revolution of red giant stars: from stellar interiors to the structure of the Milky Way Jing Luan
April 17, 2017 Keaton Bell UT Austin New Revelations about White Dwarf Pulsations from Kepler and K2 Ken Shen, Hannah Klion
April 24, 2017 Harish Vedantham Caltech Symmetric Achromatic Variability: A powerful new gravitational lensing probe? Aaron Parsons
May 1, 2017 Aurelien Hees UCLA Searches for extensions to General Relativity: from the Solar System to our Galactic Center Jessica Lu
May 8, 2017 (In Room 121!) Munan Gong Princeton Simulating Star Formation on Small and Large Scales: the Prestellar Core Mass Function and Chemistry in Molecular Clouds Goni Halevi
May 22, 2017 Dylan Nelson MPA Garching The next generation of cosmological hydrodynamical simulations: Introducing IllustrisTNG Davide Martizzi

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