The next generation of cosmological hydrodynamical simulations: Introducing IllustrisTNG

Dylan Nelson (MPA Garching) - May 22, 2017 at 12:10 pm

I will introduce the new IllustrisTNG project, a next generation of cosmological magneto-hydrodynamical simulations. The first, "TNG100", realizes a 100 Mpc volume and is a close analog to the original Illustris simulation. The second simulation, TNG300, includes more than 30 billion resolution elements in a 300 Mpc box, a volume more than twenty times larger hosting 280 massive clusters above 10^14 Msun and more than 12,000 Milky Way mass galaxies. Both simulations are run using the new TNG model for galaxy formation physics, developed in the moving-mesh code Arepo, incorporating several physical and numerical improvements, including a full treatment of cosmic magneto-hydrodynamics (MHD). I will first discuss the TNG model for galaxy formation. Then I will show early results on the bimodal galaxy optical color distribution at z=0 in comparison to SDSS, and discuss the buildup of the color-mass plane, the role of the BH in quenching and color transition, and the formation of the red sequence.

The seminar will be held in 131A Campbell Hall.

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