Simulating galaxies at the epoch of reionization

Xiangcheng Ma - October 2, 2017 at 12:10 pm

Galaxies at z>5 are thought to be the dominant sources for cosmic reionization, but current knowledge on their abundance, property, and contribution to reionization is still limited. With JWST to be launched next year, it allows us to study high-redshift galaxies in much detail. I will introduce a new suite of high-resolution cosmological zoom-in simulations of z>5 galaxies, taking advantage of the realistic models of the multi-phase ISM, star formation, and stellar feedback from the FIRE project. These simulations provide a more realistic sample of model galaxies, which can be very useful to predict and understand future observations. I will show the predicted galaxy scaling relations, mass functions, and luminosity functions at z>5. I will also discuss some applications using these simulations, including understanding the escape fraction of ionizing photons, high-redshift galaxy morphologies and their implications for the Hubble Frontier Field observations, dust extinction and the bright-end galaxy UV luminosity functions, etc.

The seminar will be held in 131A Campbell Hall.

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