I have taught at all levels from middle school physics to graduate astrophysics. Courses include the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth's Fast-Paced High School Physics course, as well as MIT's Freshman Electromagnetism, its honors variant, Quantum Physics I, and Graduate Astrophysics course on Galaxies and Cosmology.


2015 Arizona State University Origins Project Postdoctoral Prize Lectureship
2012 MIT Goodwin Teaching Medal
2011 MIT Department of Physics Henry Kendall Teaching Award
2009 MIT Department of Physics Buechner Teaching Prize

Public Lectures

Here is a public lecture on my research that I delivered at the Marston Theater on the Arizona State University campus as part of the ASU Origins Project Postdoctoral Prize Lectureship:

Some Teaching Resources

Here are some of my short YouTube tutorials:
Generating correlated random variables
Drawing likelihood contours