University and Community Service


Academic Programs and Committees


UC Berkeley


Graduate Affirmative Action Advisory Committee             2002- present

Member of advisory committee which includes faculty, staff, diversity coordinators, and students. Considers issues of recruitment and admissions procedures, and advancement, retention, and climate.


Diversity Website Committee                                               2005-2006

Member of campus community committee to conceive and help develop campus diversity website. Launch expected Spring 2007.


BDRI Steering Committee                                                    2004-2006

Member of faculty/administrative committee in charge of launching the Berkeley Diversity Research Initiative. Set direction and procedures for BDRI, conducted initial proposal process, put in place current BDRI structure.


Divisional Council                                                                2004-2006

Member of Academic Senate Berkeley Division executive committee.


Status of Women and Ethnic Minorities                     2000-2006

Member of Academic Senate committee (SWEM) 3 years. Vice-Chair 1 year. Chair 2 years.

Helped add diversity to Campus Strategic Academic Plan. Advised Chancellors Berdahl and Birgeneau on faculty diversity issues. Added SWEM to committees which participate directly in departmental reviews. Initiated activation of departmental affirmative action officers.


Senior Advisory Group on Diversity and Inclusion         2005

Member of faculty/administrative committee to advise Chancellor on the creation of the VC for Equity and Inclusion position.


Diversity Project Coordinating Committee                         2003-2005

Co-Chair of campus community committee including faculty, administrative, undergraduate, graduate, staff, and alumni members. Conducted roundtables of campus community on diversity issues, wrote summary statement of campus views and goals, organized first Berkeley Diversity Forum, conceived and did groundwork instrumental for the Berkeley Diversity Research Initiative (faculty) and Berkeley Initiative on Leadership and Diversity (staff).


Committee on Committees                                                   2003-2005

Member of Academic Senate committee which nominates faculty members for all the Senate committees and some administrative committees.


Graduate Opportunity Program Fellowships                       1992-1994

Member of Faculty Review committee for merit-based graduate fellowships for students who will enhance the diversity agenda of the University.


Special Scholarships Committee                                          1983-1990

Member of Academic Senate committee (now SDAD) which instigated and set policy for PDP, a campus program for undergraduates of color in math-based fields, and pre-college students with promise in math-based fields. Co-Chair for 2 years.


University of California, System-wide


Regent’s Study Group on Prop 209 and Diversity              2006- present

Chair of Faculty Diversity sub-committee to the Study Group. Preparing recommendations for statements and actions by the Board of Regents on faculty diversity.


Academic Council                                                                 2006-present

Invited guest (as Chair of UCAAD) to Executive Committee of system-wide Academic Senate.


California Universities Consortium                                     2005- present

Member of ad hoc committee of faculty and administrators from all the research universities in the state, interested in fostering pipeline issues from undergraduates to faculty.


Univ. Comm. on Affirmative Action and Diversity   2003- present

Member of System-wide Senate committee which brings together Chairs of campus diversity committees to initiate or advise on policies and disseminate best practices. Vice Chair for 2 years and Chair for 1 year. Produced report to Senate on graduate diversity. Authored and brought to passage changes to the Academic Personnel Manual which explicitly reward diversity work. Authored and brought to passage a University statement on diversity endorsed by the Senate and President. Obtained role for UCAAD on Academic Council (system-wide executive committee). Active in follow-up to President’s Taskforce Report.


President’s Taskforce on Faculty Diversity                         2005-2006

Member of faculty taskforce appointed to assess faculty diversity in the University including best practices, progress, and problems, and recommend actions to improve the situation. Substantial role in writing and presenting final report to Faculty Diversity Summit.


President’s Postdoctoral Fellowships               1995, 1996, 2002, 2007

Member of Faculty Review committee for merit-based postdoctoral fellowships for students in the sciences who will enhance the diversity agenda of the University.


Community Service and Outreach


Cal Prep Faculty Advisory Committee                                 2004-present

Member of faculty advisory committee in successful effort to start a charter school as a collaboration between UCB and Aspire Public Schools. Consulted on wide range of issues including facility location, curricular issues, school structure and culture, hiring staff, and budget.


Chabot Space and Science Center                                         1999-2006

Member, Board of Directors. Chair, Programs Committee (6 years). The Center strives to use Astronomy to interest K-12 students and the public in science, serving more than 30,000 students and 150,000 visitors annually. Help develop exhibits, offer lectures and role-modeling activities, development of a high school Astronomy class offered district-wide, and foster connections with UCB, LBNL, and SSL.


“I Have a Dream, Oakland” Foundation                     1996-2006

Member, Board of Directors (Board Secretary for 4 years). Neighborhood-based group which raised funds to provide post-secondary school scholarships for students. Primary work of the program was getting them there through tutoring, enrichment, and summer programs. Started with 88 students, ended with 320. Successfully altered our cohort’s typical high school graduation rate from 25% to 75%, with 50% going on to post-secondary education (including one to Harvard and several to UCB).