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 Laura Deal
Writer / Teacher / Dreamworker
 Frank Eparvier
A Real Rocket Scientist
 John Fontillas
Architect/Urban Planner
 John McDonald
Artist/Astronomer with an online book review library
 Kelley McDonald
Too Much Hair, Pinky!
 Julian Okwu
 Joel Parker

interesting places
A city in the desert
 Burning Man
Another city in the desert; see my photos in the gallery there
 The Long Now Foundation
Home of the 10,000 Year Clock
 The Apollo Program
For those nostalgic about NASA's moon missions...
 Kite Aerial Photography
A different perspective on things
 Earthquake Hazard Maps for the San Francisco Bay Area
Find out how much your house will move
 A Small Circle of Friends
Nostalgic photographs of friends in the late 1960's by Robert Altman
Amazing collection of panoramas, many with full screen views
 Star Trek Official Site
See QuickTime trailers for the original TV series episodes
 Bob Burd's Sierra Travels
A large collection of mountaineering reports and photos!
Climbing/Mountaineering photos from an active young man

other links
 Walker Ranch (password required)
A fine bunch of people who grill together