News & Recent Publications

7 - 8 Mar I am helping out with the iPython tutorial at PyCon—the iPython notebook is a huge advance for scientific development; everyone should use it. I am also catching up on the latest developments in pandas and in High Performance Python.
14 Feb This term, we are running the AY250 graduate course on Python Computing for Science. Webcasts of the lectures are available here. This week, Stefan van der Walt, Joey Richards and I are teaching scikits.image, scikit-learn and scikits.statsmodels—all very important packages!
13 Jan - 9 Feb Chris Blake (Swinburne) is visiting to collaborate on analysis of the WiggleZ galaxy redshift survey. We are inventing new methods to correct statistics drawn from large galaxy data sets for noise and incompletely understood selection effects! Chris is delivering a seminar about WiggleZ in the UC Berkeley Astronomy Department on 24 January.
13 - 22 Jan Fergus Simpson (Edinburgh) is visiting us at UC Berkeley and LBL to work on projects extedning our recent PRL paper on 'clipping the cosmos'. Fergus is talking about our work in the Physics Department at UCB on Jan 17.
13 - 15 Jan I am lecturing at the Python Bootcamp that we are running at UC Berkeley. This will be a fantastic, intense, deep introduction to working with Python for science. I am lecturing on SciPy and Scientific Programming in Python generally: my lecture slides and iPython notebooks for this course can be found here.
4 - 6 Jan I am attending a BOSS collaboration meeting at NYU.
19 Dec I am working at the Dark Cosmology Centre in Copenhagen from the 19th to the 23rd of Decemeber.
1 -3 Dec We are hosting David Marsh in the UC Berkeley Astronomy Department, and at LBL. Doddy works on some great topics in theoretical cosmology and has done some really interesting work extending transfer function formalism to axions.
8 Nov J. B. James (2011), ApJ, submitted
I have submitted my paper 'Physics of non-Gaussian fields and the cosmological genus statistic' to the Astrophysical Journal and placed it on the arXiv. This paper develops a method to pick apart all the different sources of non-gaussianity that can appear in genus measurements from galaxy redshift surveys. Naturally, comments are very welcome at this point!
8 Oct We are attending the Workshop on Statistical Methods for Astronomy and Astrophysics at UC Davis. (This was a great meeting for interaction between the astronomy and statistical communities, so a big thanks to the organisers, Paul Baines and Ethan Anderes.)
7 Oct Richards et al. (2011), ApJ, in press
Joey Richards tells me that our paper on active learning for lightcurve classification has been accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal.
19 Sep A. Bodaghee, J. Tomsick, J. Rodriguez & J.B. James (2011), ApJ, in press
Arash Bodaghee has posted to the arΧiv our paper on the clustering between high-mass X-ray binaries and OB associations in the Milky Way, which has now been accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal.
14 - 16 Sep I am attending the BigBOSS collaboration meeting in Tucson, AZ this week.
1 SepI have officially moved to the Astronomy Department at UC Berkeley as a postdoctoral researcher.
8 - 12 Aug We are hosting the 2011 DARK summer workshop, 'DEUS: Current and future challenges of the Dark and Early Universes'. Update: This workshop was a huge success—thanks to all the participants for their lively contributions.
2 - 4 AugBrahe astroinformatics workshop: This week at DARK we are hosting a number of talks on time-domain science, in association with our visitors from Berkeley. Further details are available here.
1 - 21 Aug Dovi Poznanski, Adam Miller and Dan Perley, of the Astronomy Department at UC Berkeley, are visiting DARK for several weeks during the summer, as part of the Brahe programme exchange between DARK and Berkeley.
26 JulF. Simpson, J.B. James, A.F. Heavens & C. Heymans (2011), submitted to PRL
Fergus Simpson has submitted our paper on 'Clipping the Cosmos', a technique to extend bispectrum estimation across scales well inside the non-linear regime.
18 - 22 JulI am working at UC Berkeley and LBNL this week.
11 - 15 JulThis week I am attending a WiggleZ cosmology team workshop, to discuss progress is publication of the WiggleZ cosmology papers.
4 - 8 JulI am working with Geraint Lewis and the Gravitational Astrophysics group at the University of Sydney.
27 Jun - 1 JulI am working at the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia, with Chris Blake, Greg Poole and the WiggleZ team, on large-scale structure analysis of WiggleZ survey data.
17 JuneCongratulations to Morten Holm Christensen, who received the highest grade for his Bachelor project disseration on 'The Metric Equivalence Problem in General Relativity'. Well done Morten, and thanks to Alan Heavens for acting as the external examiner of this work.
13 - 17 JuneI am at the Statistical Challenges in Modern Astrophysics meeting at the Pennsylvania State University.
7 - 9 JuneThe Niels Bohr Institute is hosting a three-day workshop on cosmology and astro-particle physics from the LHC and Planck.
23 - 24 MayThe Dark Cosmology Centre and Space Science Centre are hosting a Euclid start-up meeting to discuss Scandinavian involvement in this important future mission! Further information is available here.
3 MayAllevato et al. (2011), ApJ, in press
Viola Allevato has published our work on clusters and AGN in the COSMOS field. These results extend measurement of the redshift evolution of AGN bias up to redshift 2. Congratulations to Viola & Alexis!
10 Apr Morten Holm Christensen has started his Bachelorprojekt at DARK, on the topic of metric equivalence of spacetimes. Welcome Morten!
11 Feb Kristoffer Stensbo-Smidt has joined DARK as a Masters student. He will be working on the evolution of large-scale structure in non-Gaussian cosmologies. Welcome Kristoffer!
5 Feb - 9 Apr Henrik Brink and I are working with Josh Bloom in the Astronomy Department at UC Berkeley and at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
4 Feb Christopher Heje Grønbech, Edin Ikanovic and Joachim Mortensen have passed their Bachelorprojeckt examination, based on the dissertation 'Ranking the Universe'. Congratulations!
17 - 26 Jan I am based in School of Physics at the University of Sydney, working with Geraint Lewis and the Gravitational Astrophysics group.
10 - 15 Jan I am working with Chris Blake at the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing in Swinburne, Australia on the cosmological analysis of the WiggleZ galaxy redshift survey.