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A description of this movie and a high-resolution version can be found in "Turbulent GMCs and the IMF" below.

Beginning in 1994, we introduced multi-dimensional Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) hydrodynamical techniques into astrophysics (Klein, McKee and Colella 1994) in a study of the interaction of supernova blast waves with interstellar clouds. The high resolution afforded by AMR shed new light upon the key hydrodynamical instabilities responsible for the destruction and mixing of the cloud with the interstellar medium. Since then, the thrust of our research has been twofold: (i) to develop and implement state-of-the-art parallel, multi-dimensional AMR algorithms and codes incorporating the full range of coupled physics necessary to address a wide spectrum of problems in astrophysical fluid dynamics, including multi-fluid hydrodynamics, gravity, radiation transport, and magnetic fields; and (ii) to use these powerful AMR codes to investigate fundamental problems in astrophysical fluid dynamics that are characterized by a wide range of length and time scales, for which AMR is essential.

The group is currently using our AMR methodology to study a number of major problems in astrophysical fluid dynamics: