Graduate Students

Current Students
Name Research Topics Expected PhD Date
Aaron Lee* Star Formation 8/14
Andrew Myers* Star Formation 8/13
Charles Hansen* Star Formation 8/11

Previous Students
Name Dissertation Title Ph.D. Conferred
Stella Offner* Investigations of Low-Mass Star Formation: Simulations and Simulated Observations. 7/09
Sukanya Chakrabarti Spectral Energy Distributions of Embedded Protostars and Dusty Galaxies. 12/05
Mark Krumholz* Computational and Theoretical Investigations of Star Formation. 12/05
Robert K. Crockett * Astrophysical MHD 6/05
Robert T. Fisher* Single and Multiple Star Formation in Turbulent Molecular Cloud Cores. 12/02
Jonathan C. Tan Star Formation from the Galaxy to the Cosmos 12/01
Christopher D. Matzner The Birth and Death of Stars. 12/99
J. Kelly Truelove Simulations of astrophysical hydrodynamics: supernova remnant evolution and star formation. 12/97
Carl J. Romanik, Jr. Dielectronic recombination in astrophysical plasmas. 5/96
John H. Holliman, II The structure and evolution of self-gravitating molecular clouds. 12/95
Bon-Chul Koo * HI shells and supershells: observations and theory. 12/90
Frank Bertoldi The photoevaporation of interstellar clouds. 12/89
David F. Chernoff Magnetohydrodynamic shocks in molecular clouds. 12/85
Dave Van Buren Stellar winds and their dynamical influence on the interstellar medium. 12/83
Steven A. Balbus The effects of thermal conduction in high temperature astrophysical gas dynamics. 12/81
Stephen P. Reynolds Theoretical studies of compact radio sources: radiation from relativistic flows. 6/80
Julian H. Krolik Effects of intense radiation fields on emission-line gas in active galactic nuclei and QSO's. 12/77
Lennox L. Cowie * The role of cloud evaporation in interstellar gas dynamics. 6/76