Open Preferences

Select Accounts

Open new account by clicking the "+" button

Fill out account information

Select the account type to be IMAP (there a drop down list when you first create the account)

The Description can be whatever you want.

E-Mail address should be your astro e-mail account, or if you are creating this configuration to work only with calmail, use

Write in your full name as you would like it to appear on outgoing corrispondence.

Incoming e-mail server should be

User Name should be set to your account name on CalMail, if your CalMail username is the same as your asto one, then use it. Again, if it is different than your astro one, this is not a problem as the "Email address" setting above will determine what other people see as your

Password is set to your CalMail password.

Select Outgoing server

Fill out Outgoing server info,

Select the SSL check box, then select and pull down the Authentication drop down menu to "Password". Next, fill in your CalMail user id and CalMail password. Then click "OK".

Select Advanced

Select SSL

Make sure the "Use SSL" option is checkmarked and that the port is set to 993. This is the default IMAP+SSL port, so you shouldn't have to change it.

Local Folders or Archives

Remember, these folders will only be local to your Mac OS X machine. They will not be available on your Astro network connected machine unless you synchronize the files somehow.

Select File and pull down to "Import Mailboxes..."

Select "Other" and click the button with the double right arrows

Then follow the navigation windows for finding your mbox files. I have declined putting up images for these as they use the generic file browsing windows that are standard across all Mac OS X applications and are self explanatory.

That's it! You can now use your using

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