Configuring Thunderbird

Thunderbird is the next generation e-mail client from the Mozilla project. It is not supported on the Solaris and Linux network in the department, these instructions are here for guidence to those with an interest in what's just around the corner.

These instructions apply to Thunderbird 0.5 and above.

Open Thunderbird

Select Tools and pull down to "Account Settings"

Add Account

If you already have another e-mail account configured for Thunderbird, you should see a window like the above. Select the "Add Account" option.

After you have clicked "Add Account" or if you did not already have an account configured, you will now see the first dialogue window that is part of the e-mail account creation "wizard". This is just a fancy name for "guided configuration tour".

You will be creating an e-mail account, so click on the highlighted arrow button.


The Identity is as who and from where your outgoing e-mail will appear to be from. So, you should fill in your address.

Server Information

Make sure the type of incoming server you are using is selected as IMAP.
The incoming and outgoing server fields should be set to "".

User Names

The incoming user name is another way of saying, "What is your username on calmail?".

Account Name

Short description of this account.

Select Tools and pull down to "Account Settings"

If the account settings window is not visible now, bring it up.

Server Settings

Make sure that you are looking at the fields for "Server Settings". Under this list is "Use secure connection (SSL)". Once you've selected this option, you'll see the port number in the upper right switch to 993. Now select "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" on the left and then select the "SSL" radio button on the right. Note, the following snap shot was taken from a newer version of Netscape and obviously looks different, do not be alarmed. The Mozilla/Netscape/Thunderbird e-mail readers share very similar set up interfaces.

Local Folders or Archives

This seems to be buggy in Thunderbird 0.5, I was unable to change the Local Folders directory, although, I could change it's value in the "Server Settings" dialog, when I looked at the settings for "Local Folders" under the accounts view, it remained unchanged, and I was unable to change that field. One could work around this by looking at the current "Local Folders" directory and copying your mbox files there. In more recent version of Thunderbird, this may have been fixed...

Once this bug is fixed, the following procedure should work.

First, bring up the account settings by selecting Tools and pulling down to "Account Settings.


Change the "Local Folders" line to the directory of your choice. Click OK when you are finished. You must now shut down Netscape completely. The e-mail client and all browser windows. Once you have restarted Netscape, you will be able to access the files already in the directory you set to be your "Local Folders". Your e-mail must be in the "mbox" format in the "Local Folders" directory for this to work. If you copy more mbox files into that directory, you will have to restart Netscape completely before it will pick them up.

That's it! You can now use your using Thunderbird.

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