2006 Farewell+Celebration Party for Tzu-Ching Chang and Mike Boylan-Kolchin (at CP's)

From last year (July 2005):

(Left) Mike: "This is the third party I've been to this month. What about you?"
Tzu-Ching: "This is my third tonight."

On September 9 2006:

(Left) Mike: "This is the third bottle of champagne I've had this month. What about you?"
(Below) Tzu-Ching: "This is my third tonight."

(Left) Tzu-Ching: "No one is looking....let me do my bottle No. 3 op. 1 mazurka."
(Thanks, Sherry, for capturing this shot.)

(Left) CP: "100 points for hitting a deer." Mike: "A piece of cake."
(Below) CP: "Oh, my god........" Mike: "Oops, I got a skunk."

(Left) Matthijs and Bradford: the tallest physicists in the universe
(2x10^-16 light-years head to toe).

(Left) CP: "Hmm, which bottle should I start with?"
(Below) CP: "Mike, can you pass the draft of our paper to Eliot instead?
I'm busy with this bottle of whisky."

(Left) Phil: "TACO is the highlight of my day." Mike: "I couldn't agree more."
(Below) Eliot: "I can't wait to chair the inaugural Berkeley PhD thesis defense...."

(Left) Darren: "Yup, I definitely see dry merging happening." CP: "But the center of mass is drifting!"
(Below) Martin: "Eliot, you are ruining my nice cake." CP: "Eliot, you are fired."
Eliot: "Fine. I'll go back and lie down on my couch."

(Left) Julie the Master Cakecutter came into rescue....

(Left) Tzu-Ching: "It's such a beautiful piece of work. How did you do it?"
Joanne: "See, it's all very simple: all you have to do is to reionize
the universe at redshift 7 with the right bubble distribution....."
(Below) "....then you get this......"

To be continued....