Chung-Pei Ma's Publication

Selected Publications

  1. T. A. Davis, J. Greene, C.-P. Ma, V. Pandya, J. Blakeslee, N. McConnell and J. Thomas (2015),
    submitted to Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.
    The MASSIVE Survey - III. Molecular Gas and a Broken Tully-Fisher Relation in the Most Massive Early-Type Galaxies
  2. S. Wellons, P. Torrey, C.-P. Ma, V. Rodriguez-Gomez, A. Pillepich, D. Nelson, S. Genel, M. Vogelsberger and L. Hernquist (2015),
    submitted to MNRAS.
    The Diverse Evolutionary Paths of Simulated High-redshift Massive, Compact Galaxies to z = 0
  3. P. Torrey, S. Wellons, F. Machado, B. Griffen, D. Nelson, V. Rodriguez-Gomez, A. Pillepich, C.-P. Ma, M. Vogelsberger, Volker Springel and L. Hernquist (2015),
    MNRAS, in press.
    An Analysis of the Evolving Comoving Number Density of Galaxies in Hydrodynamical Simulations
  4. J. Greene, R. Janish, C.-P. Ma, N. McConnell, J. Blakeslee, J. Thomas and J. Murphy (2015), Astrophysical Journal, 807, 11.
    The MASSIVE Survey - II. Stellar Population Trends Out to Large Radius in Massive Early-Type Galaxies
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1504.02483)
  5. S. Wellons, P. Torrey, C.-P. Ma et al. (2015), MNRAS, 449, 361.
    The Formation of Massive, Compact Galaxies at z=2 in the Illustris Simulation
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1411.0667)
  6. V. Rodriguez-Gomez, S. Genel, M. Vogelsberger, D. Sijacki, A. Pillepich, P. Torrey, D. Nelson, V. Springel, C.-P. Ma, and L. Hernquist (2015) MNRAS, 449, 49.
    The Merger Rate of Galaxies in the Illustris Simulation: a Comparison with Observations and Semi-Empirical Models
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1502.01339)
  7. J. Naiman, E. Ramirez-Ruiz, J. DeBuhr, and C.-P. Ma (2015), ApJ, 803, 81.
    The Role of Nuclear Star Clusters in Enhancing Supermassive Black Hole Feeding Rates During Galaxy Mergers
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1410.7381)
  8. C.-P. Ma, J. Greene, N. McConnell, R. Janish, J. Blakeslee, J. Thomas and J. Murphy (2014), ApJ, 795, 158.
    The MASSIVE Survey - I. A Volume-Limited Integral-Field Spectroscopic Study of the Most Massive Early-Type Galaxies within 108 Mpc
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1407.1054)
  9. R. O'Leary, S. Stahler, and C.-P. Ma (2014), MNRAS, 444, 80.
    Two Paths of Cluster Evolution: Global Expansion versus Core Collapse
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1406.0784)
  10. J. Zhang, C.-P. Ma, and A. Riotto (2014), ApJ, 782, 44.
    Dark-Matter Halo Assembly Bias: Environmental Dependence in the Non-Markovian Excursion Set Theory
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1312.0358)
  11. M. George, C.-P. Ma, K. Bundy, A. Leauthaud, J. Tinker, R. Wechsler, A. Finoguenov, and B. Vulcani (2013), ApJ, 770, 113.
    Galaxies in X-ray Groups III: Satellite Color and Morphology Transformations
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1302.6620)
  12. N. McConnell, S. Chen, C.-P. Ma, J. Greene, T. Lauer, and K. Gebhardt (2013), Astrophysical Journal Letters, 768, L21.
    The Effect of Spatial Gradients in Stellar Mass-to-Light Ratio on Black Hole Mass Measurements
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1303.4393)
  13. N. McConnell and C.-P. Ma (2013), ApJ, 764, 184.
    Revisiting the Scaling Relations of Black Hole Masses and Host Galaxy Properties
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1211.2816)
  14. J. DeBuhr, C.-P. Ma, and S.D.M. White (2012), MNRAS, 426, 983.
    Stellar Disks in Aquarius Dark Matter Haloes
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1205.6472)
  15. M. George, A. Leauthaud, K. Bundy, A. Finoguenov, C.-P. Ma, E. Rykoff, and J. Tinker, R. Wechsler, R. Massey, and S. Mei (2012),
    ApJ, 757, 2.
    Galaxies in X-ray Groups II: A Weak Lensing Study of Halo Centering
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1205.4262)
  16. N. McConnell, C.-P. Ma, J. Murphy, K. Gebhardt, T. Lauer, J. Graham, S. Wright, and D. Richstone (2012), ApJ, 756, 179.
    Dynamical Measurements of Black Hole Masses in Four Brightest Cluster Galaxies at 100 Megaparsecs
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1203.1620)
  17. J. DeBuhr, E. Quataert, and C.-P. Ma (2012), MNRAS, 420, 2221.
    Galaxy-Scale Outflows Driven by Active Galactic Nuclei
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1107.5579)
  18. N. McConnell, C.-P. Ma, K. Gebhardt, S. Wright, J. Murphy, T. Lauer, J. Graham, and D. Richstone (2011), Nature, 480, 215.
    Two Ten-Billion-Solar-Mass Black Holes at the Centers of Giant Elliptical Galaxies
    (abstract/paper) (News & Views: Monster Black Holes) (Editorial: A Massive Comfort)
  19. C.-A. Faucher-Giguere, D. Keres, and C.-P. Ma (2011), MNRAS, 417, 2982.
    The Baryonic Assembly of Dark Matter Halos
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1103.0001)
  20. N. McConnell, C.-P. Ma, J. Graham, K. Gebhardt, T. Lauer, S. Wright, and D. Richstone (2011), ApJ, 728, 100.
    The Black Hole Mass in Brightest Cluster Galaxy NGC 6086
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1009.0750)
  21. C.-P. Ma, M. Maggiore, A. Riotto, and J. Zhang (2011), MNRAS, 411, 2644.
    The Bias and Mass Function of Dark Matter Halos in Non-Markovian Extension of the Excursion Set Theory
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1007.4201)
  22. J. DeBuhr, E. Quataert, and C.-P. Ma (2011), MNRAS, 412, 1341.
    The Growth of Massive Black Holes in Galaxy Merger Simulations with Feedback by Radiation Pressure
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1006.3312)
  23. P. Hopkins, D. Croton, K. Bundy, S. Khochfar, F. van den Bosch, R. Somerville, A. Wetzel, D. Keres, L. Hernquist, K. Stewart, J. Younger, S. Genel, C.-P. Ma
    (2010), ApJ, 724, 915.
    Mergers in Lambda-CDM: Uncertainties in Theoretical Predictions and Interpretations of the Merger Rate
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1004.2708)
  24. O. Fakhouri, C.-P. Ma, and M. Boylan-Kolchin (2010), MNRAS, 406, 2267.
    The Merger Rates and Mass Assembly Histories of Dark Matter Haloes in the Two Millennium Simulations
    (abstract/paper) (arXiv:1001.2304)
  25. S. Wright, J. Larkin, J. R. Graham, and C.-P. Ma (2010), ApJ, 711, 1291.
    Presence of Weak AGN in High Redshift Star Forming Galaxies
    (abstract/full paper) (arXiv:1001.5041)
  26. K. Bundy, C. Scarlata, C. Carollo, R. Ellis, N. Drory, P. Hopkins, M. Salvato, A. Leauthaud, A. Koekemoer, N. Murray, O. Ilbert, P. Oesch, C.-P. Ma, P. Capak, L. Pozzetti, N. Scoville (2010) ApJ, 719, 1969.
    The Rise and Fall of Passive Disk Galaxies: Morphological Evolution Along the Red Sequence Revealed by COSMOS
    (abstract/full paper) (arXiv:0912.1077)
  27. A. Bauermeister, L. Blitz, and C.-P. Ma (2010), ApJ, 717, 323.
    The Gas Consumption History to Redshift 4
    (abstract/full paper) (arXiv:0909.3840)
  28. J. DeBuhr, E. Quataert, C.-P. Ma, and P. Hopkins (2010), MNRAS, 406, L55 .
    Self-Regulated Black Hole Growth via Momentum Deposition in Galaxy Merger Simulations
    (abstract/full paper) (arXiv:0909.2872)
  29. C.-P. Ma, P. Chang, and J. Zhang (2009), MNRAS, submitted.
    Is the Radial Profile of the Phase Space Density of Dark Matter Haloes a Power Law?
  30. P. Hopkins, D. Keres, C.-P. Ma, and E. Quataert (2010), MNRAS, 401, 1131.
    When Should We Treat Galaxies as Isolated?
    (abstract/full paper) (arXiv:0909.3306)
  31. O. Fakhouri and C.-P. Ma (2009), MNRAS, 401, 2245.
    Dark Matter Halo Growth II: Diffuse Accretion and its Environmental Dependence
    (abstract/full paper) (arXiv:0906.1196)
  32. P. Hopkins, K. Bundy, N. Murray, E. Quataert, T. Lauer, C.-P. Ma (2009), MNRAS, 398, 898.
    Compact High-Redshift Galaxies Are the Cores of Present-Day Massive Spheroids
    (abstract/full paper) (arXiv:0903.2479)
  33. J. McBride, O. Fakhouri and C.-P. Ma (2009), MNRAS, 398, 1858.
    Mass Accretion Rates and Histories of Dark Matter Halos
    (abstract/full paper) (arXiv:0902.3659)
  34. P. Hopkins, R. Somerville, T. J. Cox, L. Hernquist, S. Jogee, D. Keres, C.-P. Ma, B. Robertson, K. Stewart (2009), MNRAS, 397, 802.
    The Effects of Gas on Morphological Transformation in Mergers: Implications for Bulge and Disk Demographics
    (abstract/full paper) (arXiv:0901.4111)
  35. O. Fakhouri and C.-P. Ma (2009), MNRAS, 394, 1825.
    Environmental Dependence of Dark Matter Halo Growth I: Halo Merger Rates
    (abstract/full paper) (arXiv:0808.2471)
  36. J. Zhang, O. Fakhouri, and C.-P. Ma (2008), MNRAS, 389, 1521.
    How to Grow a Healthy Merger Tree
    (abstract/full paper) (arXiv:0805.1230)
  37. J. Zhang, C.-P. Ma, and O. Fakhouri (2008), MNRAS, 387, L13.
    Conditional Mass Functions and Merger Rates of Dark Matter Halos in the Ellipsoidal Collapse Model
    (abstract/full paper) (arXiv:0801.3459)
  38. O. Fakhouri and C.-P. Ma (2008), MNRAS, 386, 577.
    The Nearly Universal Merger Rate of Dark Matter Halos in LCDM Cosmology
    (abstract/full paper) (arXiv:0710.4567)
  39. X. Liu, A. Shapley, A. Coil, J. Brinchmann, and C.-P. Ma (2008), ApJ, 678, 758.
    Metallicities and Physical Conditions in Star-Forming Galaxies at Redshifts 1.0 to 1.5
    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0801.1670)
  40. M. Boylan-Kolchin, C.-P. Ma, and E. Quataert (2007), MNRAS, 383, 93.
    Dynamical Friction and Galaxy Merging Timescales
    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0707.2960)
  41. L. Desroches, E. Quataert, C.-P. Ma, and A. West (2007), MNRAS, 377, 402.
    Luminosity Dependence in the Fundamental Plane Projections of Elliptical Galaxies
    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0608474)
  42. M. Boylan-Kolchin and C.-P. Ma (2006), MNRAS, 374, 1227.
    Satellite Accretion onto Massive Galaxies with Central Black Holes
    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0608122)
  43. M. Boylan-Kolchin, C.-P. Ma, and E. Quataert (2006), MNRAS, 369, 1081.
    Red Mergers and the Assembly of Massive Elliptical Galaxies: the Fundamental Plane and its Projections
    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0601400)
  44. A. Coil, B. Gerke, J. Newman, C.-P. Ma, R. Yan, M. Cooper, M. Davis, S. Faber, P. Guhathakurta and D. Koo (2006), ApJ, 638, 668.
    The DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey: Clustering of Groups and Group Galaxies at z~1
    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0507647)
  45. A. Shapley, A. Coil, C.-P. Ma, and K. Bundy (2005), Astrophysical Journal, 635, 1006.
    Chemical Abundances of DEEP2 Star-Forming Galaxies at Redshifts 1.0 to 1.5
    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0509102)
  46. B. Hagan, C.-P. Ma, and A. Kravtsov (2005), Astrophysical Journal, 633, 537.
    Impact of Dark Matter Substructure on the Matter and Weak Lensing Power Spectra
    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0504557)
  47. M. Boylan-Kolchin, C.-P. Ma, and E. Quataert (2005), MNRAS, 362, 184.
    Dissipationless Mergers of Elliptical Galaxies and the Evolution of the Fundamental Plane
    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0502495)
  48. D. Huterer, C. R. Keeton, and C.-P. Ma (2005), Astrophysical Journal, 624, 34.
    Effects of Ellipticity and Shear on Gravitational Lens Statistics
    (abstract/full article) (astro-ph/0405040)
  49. C.-P. Ma (2004), AIP Conference Proceedings of the Mitchell Symposium on Observational Cosmology, p.157. ed. R. Allen, D. Nanopoulos, and C. Pope.
    Understanding Dark Matter Distribution from a Kinetic View
    (abstract/full article) (ADS)
  50. M. Boylan-Kolchin, C.-P. Ma, and E. Quataert (2004), Astrophysical Journal, 61, L37.
    Core Formation in Galactic Nuclei due to Recoiling Black Holes
    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0407488)
  51. C.-P. Ma and M. Boylan-Kolchin (2004), Physical Review Letters, 93, 021301.
    Are Halos of Collisionless Cold Dark Matter Collisionless?
    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0403102)
  52. A. Coil, J. Newman, N. Kaiser, M. Davis, C.-P. Ma, D. Kocevski, and D. Koo (2004), Astrophysical Journal, 617, 765.
    Evolution and Color Dependence of the Galaxy Angular Correlation Function: 350,000 Galaxies in 5 Square Degrees
    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0403423)
  53. C.-P. Ma and E. Bertschinger (2004), Astrophysical Journal, 612, 28.
    A Cosmological Kinetic Theory for the Evolution of Cold Dark Matter Halos with Substructure: Quasi-Linear Theory
    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0311049)
  54. M. Boylan-Kolchin and C.-P. Ma (2004), MNRAS, 349, 1117.
    Major Mergers of Galaxy Halos: Cuspy or Cored Inner Density Profile?
    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0309243)
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    Gamma-Ray Bursts and Magnetars as Possible Sources of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays: Correlation of Cosmic Ray Event Positions with IRAS Galaxies
    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0308257)
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    Constraints on the Inner Cluster Mass Profile and the Power Spectrum Normalization from Strong Lensing Statistics
    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0307301)
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    (abstract/full paper) (astro-ph/0009079)
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    The Onset of Nonlinearity in Cosmological Structure
    (ADS) (NYAS-online)
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    (abstract) (astro-ph/0012282)
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