Coordinator: D. Backer

Time: 4-5 PM Tuesdays

Place: 643 Campbell

Credit: One Unit

This course provides a survey of the research opportunities available to UC Berkeley graduate students interested in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Research groups in the Astronomy Dept., the Physics Dept., the Space Sciences Laboratory, The Radio Astronomy Laboratory, The Center for Particle Astrophysics, the Mechanical Engineering Department, the Statistics Department, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will all be represented. The format is a weekly, one hour presentation of current interests by a representative (usually the PI) of a research group. Astronomy 290B in Spring 1999 will continue the series.

First year graduate students in Astronomy must take this course; graduate students in other Departments, and others interested in finding out what's going on, are all welcome.

A binder of background reading materials is in 601 Campbell Hall (lounge preprint shelf) until our reading room is available in late Sept. Please take a look prior to each meeting.


Aug 25 - D. Backer, J. Monroe, M. Barnato, W. Hoffman -- Staff and Resources at Berkeley

Sep 1 - C. Townes -- A Closer View by Interferometry

Sep 8 - C. Heiles -- Sunspots and Bombs in the Interstellar Medium

Sep 15 - T. Broadhurst -- Observational Cosmology: Lenses and Sources

Sep 22 - J. Graham -- Infrared Instrumentation for the Keck Telescope and the Next Generation Space Telescope

Sep 29 - J. Silk -- Galaxy Formation

Oct 6 - K. Hurley -- Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts - the Most Powerful Explosions in the Universe

Oct 13 - B. Lin -- High Energy Solar Physics, Gamma-ray Astrophysics, and Planetary Science from Space

Oct 20 - I. King -- Globular Clusters - A Keystone of Astronomy

Oct 27 - I. de Pater -- Planetary Science with Astronomical Telescopes

Nov 3 - G. Basri -- Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs

Nov 10 - H. Spinrad -- Galaxies in the Mist!

Nov 17 - L. Blitz -- Star Formation and Galaxy Evolution via Interstellar Gas

Nov 24 - J. Welch -- Images of the First Stages of Stellar Birth Made with a Radio Interferometer

Dec 1 - K. Cook -- The MACHO Project: 6 years, 6 Terabytes--what have we really l learned
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