aipy package

PGB: PAPER-Green Bank
PGB data ex.
GASP calendar
New ant/g.scr 07sep
CASPER correlator deployment
Parsons PGB/PWA all-sky map
PGB/PWA blowup
PGB-15 first results -- top 5 sources removed; log scale 100 mJy to 10 Jy.

PWA: PAPER-Western Australia
Synchrotron Sky at Western Australia site
Delay-Fringe Rate 1h "maps"
Erin's picture record
David Herne photo doc
ATNF/SKA News: No. 13-PWA deployment
ATNF/SKA News: No. 17-PWA/AIPY analysis
Parsons all-sky map
MRO Radio Quiet Zone
PWA site panorama

P001: Beam Model Fit, K. Peek, 2005 May
P002: CASPER-URSI, A. Parsons, 2005 Aug
P003: PAPER Configurations, D. Backer, 2005 Oct
P004: EMC Enclosure, R. Bradley, 2006 Jul
P005: CASPER-Correlators, A. Parsons, 2006 Apr
P006: CASPER-Groningen, A. Parsons, 2006 Jun
P007: PGB Anntenna Positions, N. Gugliucci, 2006 Jun
P008: PGB Calibration, D. Backer, 2006 Sep
P009: PGB Tsys, N. Gugliucci, 2006 Nov
P010: EoR Calibration, C. Carilli, 2006 Dec
P011: Quantization with Four Bits, D. Backer, 2007 Mar
P012: Cable transmission, C. Parashare, 2007 May
P013: 120-205 MHz Receiver, C. Parashare, 2007 May
P014: RF System, C. Parashare, 2007 May
P015: Orbcom Satellite Calibration, P. Reif, 2007 October
P016: Correlator paper: Parsons et al., 2008 Jan
P017: Parashare URSI/USNC Jan09
P018: Gugliucci URSI/USNC Jan09
P019: Jacobs AAS poster Jan09
P020: Parsons AAS talk Jan09


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