PGB, the Precision Array to Probe Epoch of Reionization in Green Bank, is currently an 8-element array configured on a 300m ring (see memos P003, P007). The array is located in the Galford Meadow site, which is at the south end of the observatory at the end of the old 2.7-km interferometer track. Each element is a crossed dipole sitting on a ground plane. The design is an evolution of the "sleeved-dipole" single polarization design that has been developed by Rich Bradley. The dipoles are fed by an active balun, again with design by Rich Bradley for this and other long-wavelength projects (FASR, LWA). The signals are transmitted to the central correlator hut over 75-ohm TV coax with impedance transformers on both ends. The transmission and subsequent receiver design work has been conducted by Chaitali Parashare. This work has been supported by the National Science Foundation and other funds.