The Lunchtime Astronomical Literature Review

Fall Semester 1998


  Aug 28 Andrew Lyne Pulsar Research at Jodrell Bank & Parkes Observatories
  Sep 4 Don Backer Organization, Sierra Conference History
  Sep 11 Tony Wong/Henry Roe The Supernova-GRB Connection
  Sep 18 Don Backer/Imke de Pater Soft Gamma Ray Repeater SGR 1900-14/Disks around Jupiter
  Sep 25 Geoff Marcy Update on Massive Planets
  Oct 2 All Welcoming Party on Roof
  Oct 9 Ed Brown Magnetars
  Oct 16 E. Martin Optical/IR Interferometry Workshop
  Oct 23 Andrea Somer Low-mass X-ray Binaries, Millisecond Radio Pulsars, and the Cosmic Star Formation Rate by Nicholas E. White and Pranab Ghosh
  Oct 30 Douglas Bock HI at High Redshift - Motivation for a Square Kilometer Array
  Nov 6 Chris Matzner and Bob Fisher Turbulent flows in molecular clouds by Myers & Lazarian vs Photoinization regulated star formation by McKee
  Nov 13 cancelled
  Nov 20 Dean McLaughlin "The Nature of High-Redshift Galaxies" Somerville, R. S., Primack, J. R., and Faber, S. M. 1998 MNRAS, submitted (astro-ph/ 9806228)
  Nov 27 Ted Turkey Ask not what the Cosmos can do for you, but what you can do for the Cosmos
  Dec 4 Eyal Maoz

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