The Lunchtime Astronomical Literature Review

Spring Semester 1999


  Feb 12 Fred Lo Scientific Programs at ASIAA
  Mar 5 Charles Alcock "Orbital evolution of planets embedded in a planetesimal disk", by Hahn & Malhotra (astro-ph 9902370 )
  Mar 12 Andrea Somer "Reionization of Hydrogen", by Shaver, Madau & deBruyn (astro-ph 9901320 )
  Mar 19 canceled
  Mar 26 Spring Break
  Apr 2 Jo Baker "Summary of LLNL 3D Imaging Conference"
  Apr 9 Dean McLaughlin "The Nature of High-Redshift Galaxies", by R.S. Somerville, J. Primack, & S. Faber (astro-ph 9806228 )
  Apr 16 Henry Roe TBD
  Apr 23 Jay Anderson TBD
  Apr 30 Sienny Shang TBD
  May 7 Mitch Begelman Status of ADIOS (Advection-Dominated Input/Output S...) Models

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