University of California, Berkeley

Astronomy/Physics C285 - Theoretical Astrophysics Seminar

Spring 2001


Coordinator: J. Arons,
Time: 4:10-5:00 PM Wednesdays
Place: 643 Campbell
Credit: One Unit


January 17 - Organization
January 24 - Andrew Jaffe, Berkeley: "Background Radiation"

January 26 (Friday) - Stefano Vitale, Univ. Trento: "LISA: The European perspective"
(Joint with CfPA; 643 Campbell, 12 noon)

January 31 - Sara Seagar, IAS: "Radiation Transfer at Decoupling"

February 7 - Yuri Levin, UC Berkeley: "Overview of Gravitational Wave Astronomy"

February 14 - Stan Whitcomb, Caltech: "LIGO I & LIGO II"

February 21 - Kip Thorne, Caltech: "The Future of Ground Based Gravity Wave Observatories"

February 28 - Don Backer, Berkeley: "Pulsars as Gravity Wave Detectors"

March 7 - William Folkner, JPL: "LISA as an Experiment"

March 14 - Sterl Phinney, Caltech: "LISA Science"

March 21 - Lee Lindblom, Caltech: "Gravity Waves from Spinning Neutron Stars"

March 26 - Spring holiday - no seminar

April 4 - Scott Hughes, ITP: "Mapping Black Hole Geometry with LISA"

April 11 - Alessandra Buonnano, Caltech: "Advanced laser-interferometric gravitational-wave detectors: beating the standard quantum limit"

April 18 - Janna Levin, Cambridge: "Chaotic Gravity Wave Emission from Merging Black Hole Binaries"

April 25 - Primordial Gravity Waves/Student Reports
May 2 - Student Reports

Background material for some of these talks and related talks may found at Caltech CAJAGWR site.
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