Development of Automatic Image Source Decomposition Software for AIPS++

I spent the summer of 2001 and part of the summer of 2002 working at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Socorro, New Mexico, researching and implementing a routine to automatically decompose complicated two- and three-dimensional images into individual components under the supervision of Athol Kemball. The finished product, implmented in AIPS++ as of late 2002 (and available in all editions released since then), uses a multi-faceted approach. It first divides the image into distinct "regions" of contiguous pixels using a contouring method combined with a nearest-neighbors percolation algorithm, and then performs a multiple-Gaussian fit to each one according to the number of contour "peaks" in each region to parameterize it into components. This algorithm has been fully integrated into AIPS++ and is now available as the "ImageDecomposer" tool. It can be accessed via the "decompose" command under the image object.
Further information:

Detailed Algorithm Description
Module Description
Source code (C++) and documentation (old build).

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