As a graduate student at U.C. Berkeley I have had the opportunity to serve as a GSI (Graduate Student Instructor; known elsewhere as a TA) for two different classes, and have developed a large number of worksheets and documents that may be of use to other instructors in charge of teaching section for these classes. Since I have (voluntarily) taught at the introductory level for five semesters, I have had many opportunities to revise these based on classroom feedback - they are posted under the links below for others to use as they see fit. This year, I am also co-teaching a class on instructional techniques for first-time GSIs in the astronomy department.

Guide to Star Parties

Astronomy 10: Introductory Astronomy (Filippenko)

Astronomy 12: The Planets (Jeanloz / de Pater / Marcy / Manga)

Astronomy 300: Instruction Techniques (Perley / Silverman)