I. We are the Martians

   A. Some of you may remember the magnificent crash landing of the Mars Pathfinder in August 1997. The ship enveloped itself in giant air bags and landed on the Martian surface by literally bouncing its way to a stop like a beach ball. The first few bounces were the most violent; during the most violent bounce, the air bag was in contact with the ground for about 0.3 seconds. The time between the first few bounces was about 6 seconds.

  If you were strapped into Mars Pathfinder, could you survive the stresses of the crash landing?

  B. How large a parachute would you need to fall to the Martian surface safely?

  C. Would you expect to see shooting stars during the Martian night?

Students in this group: (I: Sung, Katsuki: No, Tuesday at 4:00 pm) (II: Josh and Richard: Yes)