IV. Mass Transit

  A. If BART were to break down, how much longer would morning rush hour be on freeways in the East Bay?

  B. Swissair flight 111 from New York to Geneva crashed in Halifax Nova Scotia on 2 Sept 1998, killing all 219 on board. As might be expected for a flight with this destination, the lawsuits and settlements have already made this the costliest air disaster in history ($600,000,000). Did this crash represent a significant fluctuation in the number of people in the world who die each day? I.e., would you notice 2 Sept 1998 on a graph of daily world deaths?

  C. A champion cyclist pedals at 50 km/hr over a level course for 0.5 hr. How much water does he/she lose by sweating?

Students in this group: Eddy and Rachel (I: Yes, prefer Thursday); Chris, Cassy, and Omair (II: No, Monday March 14 at 11 am)