Homework is due at 12PM Friday starting 9/7.  It should be placed in the special boxes just
outside of 11 Campbell Hall.  The appropriate box will be marked Astro 7A.  Do not place
your homework in any of the other boxes which are for Astro 10.  Write your name and section
(date & time) on each homework and please staple your sheets together.  The homework questions
can be discussed with your classmates but must be written up individually.  Late homework will not
be accepted (the homework will be picked up by the grader soon after 12PM on Fridays). Your
lowest homework grade will, however, be dropped in determining your final grade.

NOTE:  11 Campbell Hall is in the basement.  To reach it, take the stairs to the right of the
elevators (the elevators can be slow and congested).

Section Worksheets