Some of The Papers of Mine I Like the Most, in No Particular Order

1.  On the Maximum Luminosity of Galaxies and Their Central Black Holes: Feedback from Momentum-driven Winds

2.  Electromagnetic Counterparts of Compact Object Mergers Powered by the Radioactive Decay of R-process Nuclei    Confirmed!    See here, here, here    

3.  Particle Heating by Alfvenic Turbulence in Hot Accretion Flows

4.  Nonlinear Tides in Close Binary Systems

5.  The Physics of Galactic Winds Driven by Active Galactic Nuclei

6.  Buoyancy Instabilities in Weakly Magnetized Low-Collisionality Plasmas

7.  The Magnetorotational Instability in a Collisionless Plasma

8.  Kinetic Simulations of Magnetized Turbulence in Astrophysical Plasmas

9.  Galaxies on FIRE (Feedback In Realistic Environments): Stellar Feedback Explains Cosmologically Inefficient Star Formation

10. The Long-term Evolution of Double White Dwarf Mergers

11. Wave-driven Mass Loss in the Last Year of Stellar Evolution: Setting the Stage for the Most Luminous Core-Collapse Supernovae

12.  Thermal Instability and the Feedback Regulation of Hot Haloes in Clusters, Groups and Galaxies and Thermal Instability in Gravitationally Stratified Plasmas: Implications for Multiphase Structure in Clusters and Galaxy Haloes