Logistics for Zwicky Workshop

The meeting is being held in the Space Sciences Lab conference room.  SSL is located on the hill above
the Berkeley campus.  We encourage you to take the bus up

1.  How to get to SSL by car
        Note the specific directions on where parking at SSL is permitted.
        You must tell us by Monday May 23 if you are driving to the meeting so that we can get a permit to you.
        Permits will be given out on the morning of the meeting in the conference room.
2.  How to get to SSL by campus bus
        Park near Berkeley campus
        Take the bus from downtown Berkeley BART station or in front of Campbell Hall to SSL

       Here are some detailed instructions on taking the bus to SSL.

       The H line runs every 30 minutes from the Mining Circle (in front of Campbell Hall) to SSL at the :15 and :45 and leaves the SSL on the hour and half hour throughout the day. The H line just does a round trip from SSL to the Mining Circle all day (except beginning and end).

       The H-line bus does appear at the Downtown Berkeley BART station, but only for its first (7:40am) , and last-two runs of the day.

       Otherwise, take the "P" (perimeter..every 12 minutes) or "R" (reverse perimeter..every 25 minutes) bus from the BART station to the Hearst Mining Circle (just across the street North of Campbell Hall) and take the H line from there.

3.  The conference room is in the main, new SSL building directly off of the parking lot.  The conference
room is just inside the main entrance doors.

Parking permits requested
Caltech 1 (Piran, Nakar, Schmidt, Cameron)
Caltech 2 (Cenko, Fox,  Gal-Yam)
Frank Serduke
Kem Cook
Dave DeBoer
Greg Taylor
Weidong Li
Alex Filippenko
Tom Vestrand
Hy Spinrad
Mike Davis
Roger Blandford
Elliott Bloom