Observing with the Allen Telescope Array

Call for Proposals
Allen Telescope Array
16 October 2007

We are soliciting proposals from members of the Radio Astronomy Lab and
the SETI Institute for observations with the Allen Telescope Array during
commissioning time. 

Proposals will be accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis with a
deadline each week of 4 pm Friday. 

All observations are considered shared-risk; i.e., there is no guarantee
of successful completion.  Reasonable efforts will be made for successful

Priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate
or explore technical capabilities of the array such as wide-field imaging,
multi-frequency observations, polarization, and commensal observing with
correlator and beamformer.  Proposals that have immediate science goals
will be given high priority, as well.

At present, array commissioning and engineering remain the highest priority
for array operations.  Proposed observations must not interfere with these
activities.  Re-cabling of correlator or beamformer inputs for science
observations, for instance, will be strongly discouraged.

Proposers are encouraged to request less than 24 hours of observing at a time.
New proposals from a PI will not be accepted until results of previous
programs have been reported.  Reports should include brief description of
results and technical problems that resulted. 

A proposal form is available at


Proposals should be submitted by email to Geoff Bower
(gbower@astro.berkeley.edu) with the phrase "[ATA-OBS]" in the
subject line.  Please keep proposal form in plain text ascii format.

Proposal Form (24 August 2007)

Array Status (24 August 2007)

Time Allocation and Scheduling Committee (17 August 2007)