Gaspard Duchêne

  Associate Research Astronomer and Lecturer

   Astronomy Department
   269 Campbell Hall    UC Berkeley
   Berkeley CA 94720-3411 USA
   gduchene (at)          Fax: (510) 642 3411


   Publications / CV (pdf)


   UC Adaptive Optics Seminar
My scientific interests and experience:
  1. Star and planet formation
  2. Stellar multiplicity (statistics as a function of age, mass)
  3. Protoplanetary disks (structure, dust content, evolution)
  4. Debris disks (structure, dust content)

  5. High-angular resolution techniques (adaptive optics, millimeter interferometry)
  6. Imaging, photometry, spectroscopy, polarimetry
  7. Radiative transfer modeling in disks
Quick bio:
  1. Assistant Research Astronomer and Lecturer (since 2007) at UC Berkeley (Astronomy Department)
  2. Associate Astronomer (2004-07) at Université de Grenoble (Institut d'Astrophysique de Grenoble)
  3. Postdoc, then Adjunct Assistant Professor (2000-04) at UCLA (Department of Physics and Astronomy)
  4. Graduate Student (1997-2000) at Université de Grenoble (Institut d'Astrophysique de Grenoble)

Collaborations I am involved in: