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B. A. Double Major: (Physics and Astronomy), UCLA, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, 1976
Ph. D. (Astronomy and Astrophysics), University of California Santa Cruz, 1982

Carnegie Fellow, Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1982-84.
Associate-Full Professor of Physics and Astronomy, San Francisco State University, 1984-1996.
Distinguished University Professor, San Francisco State University, 1997-1999.
Adjunct Professor of Physics and Astronomy, San Francisco State Univ., 1999-present
Professor of Astronomy, University of California at Berkeley, 1999-.


  • Celsius Lecture (24 February 2011)
  • Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Oct 2010)
  • Celsius Lecture (24 February 2011)
  • ``NEWVISION400: Beijing, Great Hall of the People "The Search for Earths and Life in the Universe"'' (Oct 12, 2009)
  • John Bahcall Lecturer (Hubble Space Telescope Inst. & Goddard S.F.C.)    (Dec 12, 2007)
  • ``Lecture: National Air and Space Museum'' New Worlds, Yellowstone, and Life in the Universe (Dec 11, 2007)
  • George Gamow Lecture (at Univ. Colorado)    (April 6, 2006)
  • Niels Bohr Lecture (at the N. B. Institute)    (Dec 8, 2005)
  • The Shaw Prize   (September 2005)
  • Discover Magazine: Space Scientist of the Year     (October 2003)
  • NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement     (June 2003)
  • Carl Sagan Award, from American Astronautical Society and Planetary Society     (Nov 2002)
  • Elected member of the National Academy of Sciences     (April 2002)
  • Beatrice Tinsely Prize, from American Astronomical Society    (Jan 2002)
  • Henry Draper Medal, from National Academy of Sciences (30 Apr 2001)
  • California Scientist of the Year   (April 2000)
  • G.Darwin Lecture, Royal Astronomical Society 14 Jan 2000
  • UCLA Alumni Professional Achievement Award, 1999
  • IAU Commission 51 Bioastronomy Medal of Honor (First Ever Issued), 1997;
  • Alumnus of the Year, U.C. Santa Cruz 1997
  • Manne Siegbahn Award from Physics Committee of the Swedish Academy, 1996
  • ABC News Hour: ``Person of the Week'' , Jan. 26, 1996
  • Dr. Marcy's research has focused on the detection of extrasolar planets and brown dwarfs. His team has discovered 110 extrasolar planets (as of Jan 2006), allowing study of their masses and orbits. Among the planets discovered are the first multiple-planet system, the first Saturn-mass planet, the first Neptune-mass planet, and the first transiting planet. Ongoing work is designed to study the mass distribution of planets and the eccentrcity of their orbits. The 5-year goal is to find Jupiter analogs at 5 AU. Dr. Marcy is participating in the Berkeley's new ``Center for Integrative Planetary Science'', designed to study the formation, geophysics, chemistry and evolution of planets.