Family and Friends of Geoff Marcy

  • My Dad (Robert Marcy), and sisters Susie and Renee
    at dad's 75th birthday bash on St. Croix, 30 July 2003. Family Tree.

  • Family Tree of Mom: Gloria Kay Ives. Parents: Saul (Martin) Moishe Isaacs (Ives) and Ethyl Hiller Ives. Their parents: Louis Isaacs & Bertha Schwam and Sam Hiller and Kathrine (Katie/Golda) Dobroeczynski. Children: [Max Isaacs, Rose Isaacs, Gertrude Isaacs, Elsie Isaacs, Ellis Isaacs, Billie Isaacs, Jerry Isaacs] and [William Hiller, Bessie Hiller Samuels, Eva Hiller Kobb and Oscar Hiller].

  • My Dad - Bob Marcy. Left: Playing his Yamaha piano
    in 2000 on St. Croix. Right: Studying to be a conductor, 1964 (photo by Morrie Camhi).

  • Family Tree of Dad: Robert David Misrahi (Marcy). Parents: Sylvain Misrahi and Pearl ("Paulina") Sper. Their parents: David Misrahi & Rachelle (maiden?) and Soloman Sper & Rosie Sachsenberg.

  • My nephew, Wesley, at sea and ski !

  • My sister, Renee and her son, Adam

  • Susan Kegley: Wife, Chemist, Goddess.

    Bees and Pesticides

  • Gibor, Holly, Bob, Dan, and Mary Kate

  • La Famille Asseo a Paris: 27 Novembre 2011
    Phillipe, Patrice Mouquet, Sophie Asseo Mouquet, Susan Kegley, Daphne Bichon, Collette Asseo,
    Berenice Bichon, Louis Mouquet, Geoff Marcy, Esther Mouquet
    Cesar Mouquet, Godefroy Bichon, Enguerrand Bichon, Tancrede Bichon, Auguste Mouquet and Eurydice Bichon. Missing: Jean-Eudes!

  • Geoff Marcy (left) and Michel Mayor (right) at the Carnegie Inst. of Washington in DC on 21 June 2002,
    attending the conference, "Scientific Frontiers in Research on Extrasolar Planets". (Photo: Please Credit Steve Maran)