Genevieve J. Graves: CV  
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  Ph.D., Astronomy & Astrophysics, University of California, Santa Cruz 2009  
  Part II, Linguistics Tripos, University of Cambridge (U.K.) 2001-2002  
  B.A., Astronomy & Astrophysics and Physics, magna cum laude, Harvard University 2001  
  Research Interests    
  Galaxy Evolution and Formation    
  Weak Lensing, Cosmology    
  Stellar Populations of Galaxies    
  Dark Matter, Large Scale Structure    
  Chemical Evolution and Abundance Patterns of Galaxies    
  AGN Activity in Galaxies    
  Honors & Awards    
  Miller Fellowship, UC Berkeley 2009-2012  
  Chancellor's Dissertation Year Fellowship, UC Santa Cruz 2008-2009  
  ARCS Foundation Fellowship 2008-2009  
  Whitford Prize, UC Santa Cruz Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics 2005  
    (for excellence in first two years of graduate work)    
  Regent's Fellowship, UC Santa Cruz 2003-2004  
  Rotary Ambassadorial Fellowship 2001-2002  
  Leo Goldberg Prize, Harvard University Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics 2001  
    (for best undergraduate astrophysics thesis)    
  Successful Grants & Proposals    
  Co-I and principal author of successful 48-orbit / $166K Hubble Space Telescope proposal:  "UV imaging to determine the location of residual star formation in galaxies recently arrived on the red sequence" (Cycle 16, PI: Faber)  
  Graduate Student Collaborators / Mentees    
  Eric Huff, UC Berkeley, Ph.D. expected 2012.    
      Weak lensing magnification using a photometric Fundamental Plane. Submitted to ApJL.    
  Jeremy Murphy, UT Austin, Ph.D. expected 2012.    
      Stellar population gradients and kinematics in local early type galaxies.    
  Jerome Fang, UC Santa Cruz, Ph.D. expected 2014.    
      UV imaging of recently quenched galaxies.    
  Eric Lopez, UC Santa Cruz, Ph.D. expected 2013.    
      Galaxy evolution as a function of mass and environment.    
  Lauren Porter, UC Santa Cruz Physics, Ph.D. expected 2013.    
      Stellar populations throughout the Fundamental Plane in semi-analytic models. Submitted to MNRAS.  
  Judy Cheng, UC Santa Cruz, Ph.D. expected 2012.  
      Comparing automated and visual morphologies of non-star-forming galaxies. Published in MNRAS.  
  Undergraduate Student Mentees    
  Anthony Paredes, UC Berkeley, B.A. expected 2013.    
      Comparing the stellar populations of ellipticals galaxies to those of bulge-dominated passive spirals.    
  Patrick Fitzpatrick, UC Berkeley, B.A. expected 2013.    
      Comparing the stellar populations passive galaxies in different environments.    
  Observing & Software Experience    
  Keck/DEIMOS multi-object optical spectroscopy (7 nights)    
  Keck/LRIS long-slit spectroscopy (6 nights)    
  Palomar/DoubleSpec long-slit spectroscopy (3 nights)    
  Lick Shane 3m KAST optical spectrograph (1 night)    
  Wrote EZ_Ages software package (IDL code for measuring absorption indices and finding best-fitting abundance pattern for an observed spectrum)  
  Positions Held    
  Miller Fellow, University of California, Berkeley 2009-present  
  Graduate Student, University of California, Santa Cruz, Adviser: Sandra M. Faber 2003-2009  
  Teaching Assistant, University of California, Santa Cruz, Astronomy 5 with Sandra Faber 2007  
  Teaching Assistant, University of California, Santa Cruz, Astronomy 10 with Stan Woosley 2004  
  Student Researcher, Harvard University, Adviser: Robert Kirshner 2000-2001  
  Student Researcher, University of California, Berkeley, Adviser: James Graham 1998-1999  
  Referee: ApJ, ApJL, MNRAS 2009-present  
  Hubble Space Telescope Cycle 18 TAC-Exgal Panel 3 2010  
  Elected Directory of Astronomy Graduate Students 2007-2008  
    (representative to the faculty, manager of official grad activities)  
  Graduate Student Representative on Search Committee for new Lick Observatory Director 2005-2006  
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