PAIRITEL Observations of GRB041211 (=HETE3622)


Caption: False-color composite infrared image of the field of GRB041211 (GCN 2839) from Dec 12.241 UT. The image is centered near the HETE-2 SXC-Ground position and is about 10 arcmin on a side. North is up and East to the left. Caption: JHK blow-up of the HETE-2 SXC-Ground position of GRB041211 from Dec 12.241 UT. The top panels are from the 2MASS Atlas and the bottom panels show about 9 minutes of data. The GRB position was observed for about 6 hours on December 12 UT. The GRB data were obtained completely autonomously, with the observations scheduled by the PAIRITEL system. The frames were automatically reduced, mosaiced, and registered by the PAIRITEL reduction suite. North is up and East to the left.
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Credit: Joshua Bloom (Harvard/UC Berkeley), Cullen Blake (Harvard), Dan Starr (Gemini) Credit: Joshua Bloom (Harvard/UC Berkeley), Cullen Blake (Harvard), Dan Starr (Gemini)


GCN #2842
GRB 041211: Infrared Observations

C. H. Blake (CfA), J. S. Bloom (CfA; UCB), D. L. Starr (Gemini), M. F.
Skrutskie (U. Virginia), A. H. Szentgyorgyi (CfA), and E. E. Falco (SAO),

"The 1.3m Peters Automated Infrared Imaging Telescope (PAIRITEL; at Mt. Hopkins, AZ was used to autonomously observe
the HETE-2 SXC error circle of GRB 041211 (Dezalay et al.; GCN #2839) in
the J,H,Ks near-infrared bands.  Approximately 30 minutes of observations
were made between 12-12-2004 05:03:00 UT and 12-12-2004 05:54:00 UT of a
10'x10' field centered on RA=06:43:12 DEC=+20:23:42 (J2000). We detect no
new sources within or around the SXC error circle to the limiting
magnitude of 2MASS (approximately J=16.4, H=16.3, Ks=15.7). We note that
this data was obtained with the same instrument and filter set as the
archival 2MASS Atlas images but are significantly deeper than the 2MASS
limit. We will continue to monitor this field."

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We are grateful for the assistance of the Mt. Hopkins Ridge staff. The
Peters Automated Infrared Imaging Telescope is operated by the Smithsonian
Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) and was made possible by a grant from the
Harvard University Milton Fund and the camera loan from the University of

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