Joshua Bloom's Refereed Publications in 2011

Here's a listing of the 52 (+2 erratum) articles/books/chapters that I published and/or submitted in 2011. Six of these are first-author publications.

The first four papers listed did not appear on astro-ph in 2011 but were submitted/accepted.

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aJ. S. BloomTechnical and Observational Challenges for Future Time-Domain Surveys AUS285: New Horizons in Time Domain Astronomy Proceedings IAU Symposium No. 285, 2012

Accepted 2011 December 23. Received 2011 December 22; in original form 2011 October 17


dD. Starr et al. ALLStars: Overcoming Multi-Survey Selection Bias using Crowd-Sourced Active Learning Proceedings of the ADASS conference (ASP Conference Series)

1 2011MNRAS.418..747M
1.00012/2011A      E  F          X          D          R                          U      
Maguire, K.; Sullivan, M.; Thomas, R. C.; Nugent, P.; Howell, D. A.; Gal-Yam, A.; Arcavi, I.; Ben-Ami, S.; Blake, S.; Botyanszki, J.; and 19 coauthors
PTF10ops - a subluminous, normal-width light curve Type Ia supernova in the middle of nowhere

2 2011arXiv1112.4851O
1.00012/2011A                      X                      R                          U      
Ofek, E. O.; Laher, R.; Law, N.; Surace, J.; Levitan, D.; Sesar, B.; Horesh, A.; Poznanski, D.; van Eyken, J. C.; Kulkarni, S. R.; and 13 coauthors
The Palomar Transient Factory photometric calibration

3 2011arXiv1112.3963P
1.00012/2011A                      X                      R                          U      
Perley, Daniel A.; Modjaz, M.; Morgan, A. N.; Cenko, S. B.; Bloom, J. S.; Butler, N. R.; Filippenko, A. V.; Miller, A. A.
The Luminous Infrared Host Galaxy of Short-Duration GRB 100206A

4 2011ApJ...743..154C
1.00012/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Cucchiara, A.; Cenko, S. B.; Bloom, J. S.; Melandri, A.; Morgan, A.; Kobayashi, S.; Smith, R. J.; Perley, D. A.; Li, W.; Hora, J. L.; and 14 coauthors
Constraining Gamma-Ray Burst Emission Physics with Extensive Early-time, Multiband Follow-up

5 2011MNRAS.417.2124G
1.00011/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Guidorzi, C.; Kobayashi, S.; Perley, D. A.; Vianello, G.; Bloom, J. S.; Chandra, P.; Kann, D. A.; Li, W.; Mundell, C. G.; Pozanenko, A.; and 16 coauthors
A faint optical flash in dust-obscured GRB 080603A: implications for GRB prompt emission mechanisms

6 2011ApJ...741...76C
1.00011/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Corsi, A.; Ofek, E. O.; Frail, D. A.; Poznanski, D.; Arcavi, I.; Gal-Yam, A.; Kulkarni, S. R.; Hurley, K.; Mazzali, P. A.; Howell, D. A.; and 19 coauthors
PTF 10bzf (SN 2010ah): A Broad-line Ic Supernova Discovered by the Palomar Transient Factory

7 2011arXiv1110.5618C
1.00010/2011A                      X                      R                          U      
Corsi, A.; Ofek, E. O.; Gal-Yam, A.; Frail, D. A.; Poznanski, D.; Mazzali, P. A.; Kulkarni, S. R.; Kasliwal, M. M.; Arcavi, I.; Ben-Ami, S.; and 15 coauthors
Evidence for a compact Wolf-Rayet progenitor for the Type Ic supernova PTF 10vgv

8 2011A&A...534A..36K
1.00010/2011A      E  F          X          D          R  C      S              U      
Kaastra, J. S.; Petrucci, P.-O.; Cappi, M.; Arav, N.; Behar, E.; Bianchi, S.; Bloom, J.; Blustin, A. J.; Branduardi-Raymont, G.; Costantini, E.; and 16 coauthors
Multiwavelength campaign on Mrk 509. I. Variability and spectral energy distribution

9 2011arXiv1109.3167S
1.00009/2011A                      X                      R                          U      
Svensson, K. M.; Tanvir, N. R.; Perley, D. A.; Michalowski, M. J.; Page, K. L.; Bloom, J. S.; Cenko, S. B.; Hjorth, J.; Jakobsson, P.; Watson, D.; Wheatley, P. J.
The dark GRB080207 in an extremely red host and the implications for GRBs in highly obscured environments

10 2011Sci...333..856S
1.00008/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Sternberg, A.; Gal-Yam, A.; Simon, J. D.; Leonard, D. C.; Quimby, R. M.; Phillips, M. M.; Morrell, N.; Thompson, I. B.; Ivans, I.; Marshall, J. L.; and 10 coauthors
Circumstellar Material in Type Ia Supernovae via Sodium Absorption Features

11 2011Sci...333..199L
1.00007/2011A      E  F          X          D          R  C      S              U      
Levan, A. J.; Tanvir, N. R.; Cenko, S. B.; Perley, D. A.; Wiersema, K.; Bloom, J. S.; Fruchter, A. S.; Postigo, A. de Ugarte; O'Brien, P. T.; Butler, N.; and 53 coauthors
An Extremely Luminous Panchromatic Outburst from the Nucleus of a Distant Galaxy

12 2011arXiv1106.5491B
1.00006/2011A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Bloom, J. S.; Richards, J. W.; Nugent, P. E.; Quimby, R. M.; Kasliwal, M. M.; Starr, D. L.; Poznanski, D.; Ofek, E. O.; Cenko, S. B.; Butler, N. R.; and 3 coauthors
Automating Discovery and Classification of Transients and Variable Stars in the Synoptic Survey Era

13 2011ApJ...732..118S
1.00005/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Sullivan, M.; Kasliwal, M. M.; Nugent, P. E.; Howell, D. A.; Thomas, R. C.; Ofek, E. O.; Arcavi, I.; Blake, S.; Cooke, J.; Gal-Yam, A.; and 10 coauthors
The Subluminous and Peculiar Type Ia Supernova PTF 09dav

14 2011ApJ...732...29C
1.00005/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Cenko, S. B.; Frail, D. A.; Harrison, F. A.; Haislip, J. B.; Reichart, D. E.; Butler, N. R.; Cobb, B. E.; Cucchiara, A.; Berger, E.; Bloom, J. S.; and 14 coauthors
Afterglow Observations of Fermi Large Area Telescope Gamma-ray Bursts and the Emerging Class of Hyper-energetic Events

15 2011MNRAS.412.1309S
1.00004/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Smith, A. M.; Lynn, S.; Sullivan, M.; Lintott, C. J.; Nugent, P. E.; Botyanszki, J.; Kasliwal, M.; Quimby, R.; Bamford, S. P.; Fortson, L. F.; and 14 coauthors
Galaxy Zoo Supernovae

16 2011ApJ...731L...4M
1.00004/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Modjaz, M.; Kewley, L.; Bloom, J. S.; Filippenko, A. V.; Perley, D.; Silverman, J. M.
Progenitor Diagnostics for Stripped Core-collapse Supernovae: Measured Metallicities at Explosion Sites

17 2011ApJ...731...77A
1.00004/2011        E  F                                  R                      O  U      
Abdo, A. A.; Ackermann, M.; Ajello, M.; Baldini, L.; Ballet, J.; Barbiellini, G.; Bastieri, D.; Bechtol, K.; Bellazzini, R.; Berenji, B.; and 318 coauthors
Erratum: "Multi-wavelength Observations of the Flaring Gamma-ray Blazar 3C 66A in 2008 October" (2011, ApJ, 726, 43)

18 2011ApJ...729..143C
1.00003/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Chatzopoulos, E.; Wheeler, J. Craig; Vinko, J.; Quimby, R.; Robinson, E. L.; Miller, A. A.; Foley, R. J.; Perley, D. A.; Yuan, F.; Akerlof, C.; Bloom, J. S.
SN 2008am: A Super-luminous Type IIn Supernova

19 2011AJ....141...36P
1.00002/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S  N          U      
Perley, D. A.; Morgan, A. N.; Updike, A.; Yuan, F.; Akerlof, C. W.; Miller, A. A.; Bloom, J. S.; Cenko, S. B.; Li, W.; Filippenko, A. V.; and 12 coauthors
Monster in the Dark: The Ultraluminous GRB 080607 and Its Dusty Environment

20 2011ApJ...726...43A
1.00001/2011A      E  F                      D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Abdo, A. A.; Ackermann, M.; Ajello, M.; Baldini, L.; Ballet, J.; Barbiellini, G.; Bastieri, D.; Bechtol, K.; Bellazzini, R.; Berenji, B.; and 318 coauthors
Multi-wavelength Observations of the Flaring Gamma-ray Blazar 3C 66A in 2008 October

21 2012ApJ...744L..17B
0.66601/2012A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Bloom, Joshua S.; Kasen, Daniel; Shen, Ken J.; Nugent, Peter E.; Butler, Nathaniel R.; Graham, Melissa L.; Howell, D. Andrew; Kolb, Ulrich; Holmes, Stefan; Haswell, Carole A.; and 3 coauthors
A Compact Degenerate Primary-star Progenitor of SN 2011fe

22 2012ApJ...744..192R
0.66601/2012A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Richards, Joseph W.; Starr, Dan L.; Brink, Henrik; Miller, Adam A.; Bloom, Joshua S.; Butler, Nathaniel R.; James, J. Berian; Long, James P.; Rice, John
Active Learning to Overcome Sample Selection Bias: Application to Photometric Variable Star Classification

23 2011Natur.480..348L
0.66612/2011A      E                          D          R  C      S              U      
Li, Weidong; Bloom, Joshua S.; Podsiadlowski, Philipp; Miller, Adam A.; Cenko, S. Bradley; Jha, Saurabh W.; Sullivan, Mark; Howell, D. Andrew; Nugent, Peter E.; Butler, Nathaniel R.; and 19 coauthors
Exclusion of a luminous red giant as a companion star to the progenitor of supernova SN 2011fe

24 2011Natur.480..344N
0.66612/2011A      E              X                      R  C      S              U      
Nugent, Peter E.; Sullivan, Mark; Cenko, S. Bradley; Thomas, Rollin C.; Kasen, Daniel; Howell, D. Andrew; Bersier, David; Bloom, Joshua S.; Kulkarni, S. R.; Kandrashoff, Michael T.; and 29 coauthors
Supernova SN 2011fe from an exploding carbon-oxygen white dwarf star

25 2011arXiv1112.3654M
0.66612/2011A                      X                      R                          U      
Morgan, Adam N.; Long, James; Richards, Joseph W.; Broderick, Tamara; Butler, Nathaniel R.; Bloom, Joshua S.
Rapid, Machine-Learned Resource Allocation: Application to High-redshift GRB Follow-up

26 2011arXiv1112.1701L
0.66612/2011A                      X                      R                          U      
Law, Nicholas M.; Kraus, Adam L.; Street, Rachel; Fulton, Benjamin J.; Hillenbrand, Lynne A.; Shporer, Avi; Lister, Tim; Baranec, Christoph; Bloom, Joshua S.; Bui, Khanh; and 17 coauthors
Three New Eclipsing White-dwarf - M-dwarf Binaries Discovered in a Search for Transiting Planets Around M-dwarfs

27 2011ApJS..197...19K
0.66612/2011A      E  F          X          D          R  C      S              U      
Kirkpatrick, J. Davy; Cushing, Michael C.; Gelino, Christopher R.; Griffith, Roger L.; Skrutskie, Michael F.; Marsh, Kenneth A.; Wright, Edward L.; Mainzer, A.; Eisenhardt, Peter R.; McLean, Ian S.; and 31 coauthors
The First Hundred Brown Dwarfs Discovered by the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)

28 2011ApJ...742L..18A
0.66612/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Arcavi, Iair; Gal-Yam, Avishay; Yaron, Ofer; Sternberg, Assaf; Rabinak, Itay; Waxman, Eli; Kasliwal, Mansi M.; Quimby, Robert M.; Ofek, Eran O.; Horesh, Assaf; and 38 coauthors
SN 2011dh: Discovery of a Type IIb Supernova from a Compact Progenitor in the Nearby Galaxy M51

29 2011arXiv1111.6109K
0.66611/2011A                      X                      R                          U      
Kasliwal, Mansi M.; Kulkarni, S. R.; Gal-Yam, Avishay; Nugent, Peter E.; Sullivan, Mark; Bildsten, Lars; Yaron, Ofer; Perets, Hagai B.; Arcavi, Iair; Ben-Ami, Sagi; and 18 coauthors
Calcium-rich gap transients in the remote outskirts of galaxies

30 2011arXiv1110.0523S
0.66610/2011A                      X                          C                      U      
Seaman, Rob; Williams, Roy; Allan, Alasdair; Barthelmy, Scott; Bloom, Joshua; Brewer, John; Denny, Robert; Fitzpatrick, Mike; Graham, Matthew; Gray, Norman; and 5 coauthors
IVOA Recommendation: Sky Event Reporting Metadata Version 2.0

31 2011ApJ...740..110A
0.66610/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Agüeros, Marcel A.; Covey, Kevin R.; Lemonias, Jenna J.; Law, Nicholas M.; Kraus, Adam; Batalha, Natasha; Bloom, Joshua S.; Cenko, S. Bradley; Kasliwal, Mansi M.; Kulkarni, Shrinivas R.; and 4 coauthors
The Factory and the Beehive. I. Rotation Periods for Low-mass Stars in Praesepe

32 2011ApJ...739...68L
0.66610/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Levitan, David; Fulton, Benjamin J.; Groot, Paul J.; Kulkarni, Shrinivas R.; Ofek, Eran O.; Prince, Thomas A.; Shporer, Avi; Bloom, Joshua S.; Cenko, S. Bradley; Kasliwal, Mansi M.; and 7 coauthors
PTF1 J071912.13+485834.0: An Outbursting AM CVn System Discovered by a Synoptic Survey

33 2011arXiv1109.1593L
0.66609/2011A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Li, Weidong; Bloom, Joshua S.; Podsiadlowski, Philipp; Miller, Adam A.; Cenko, S. Bradley; Jha, Saurabh W.; Sullivan, Mark; Howell, D. Andrew; Nugent, Peter E.; Butler, Nathaniel R.; and 18 coauthors
Constraints on the Progenitor System of the Type Ia Supernova SN 2011fe/PTF11kly

34 2011ApJ...738..185K
0.66609/2011A      E  F          X                      R          S              U      
Klein, Christopher R.; Richards, Joseph W.; Butler, Nathaniel R.; Bloom, Joshua S.
Mid-infrared Period-luminosity Relations of RR Lyrae Stars Derived from the WISE Preliminary Data Release

35 2011arXiv1108.2868S
0.66608/2011A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Smith, Nathan; Cenko, S. Bradley; Butler, Nat; Bloom, Joshua S.; Kasliwal, Mansi M.; Horesh, Assaf; Kulkarni, Shrinivas R.; Law, Nicholas M.; Nugent, Peter E.; Ofek, Eran O.; and 11 coauthors
SN2010jp (PTF10aaxi): A Jet-Driven Type II Supernova

36 2011ApJ...736..159G
0.66608/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Gal-Yam, Avishay; Kasliwal, Mansi M.; Arcavi, Iair; Green, Yoav; Yaron, Ofer; Ben-Ami, Sagi; Xu, Dong; Sternberg, Assaf; Quimby, Robert M.; Kulkarni, Shrinivas R.; and 22 coauthors
Real-time Detection and Rapid Multiwavelength Follow-up Observations of a Highly Subluminous Type II-P Supernova from the Palomar Transient Factory Survey

37 2011AJ....142...60V
0.66608/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
van Eyken, Julian C.; Ciardi, David R.; Rebull, Luisa M.; Stauffer, John R.; Akeson, Rachel L.; Beichman, Charles A.; Boden, Andrew F.; von Braun, Kaspar; Gelino, Dawn M.; Hoard, D. W.; and 18 coauthors
The Palomar Transient Factory Orion Project: Eclipsing Binaries and Young Stellar Objects

38 2011Sci...333..203B
0.66607/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Bloom, Joshua S.; Giannios, Dimitrios; Metzger, Brian D.; Cenko, S. Bradley; Perley, Daniel A.; Butler, Nathaniel R.; Tanvir, Nial R.; Levan, Andrew J.; O'Brien, Paul T.; Strubbe, Linda E.; and 12 coauthors
A Possible Relativistic Jetted Outburst from a Massive Black Hole Fed by a Tidally Disrupted Star

39 2011arXiv1107.5307C
0.66607/2011A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Cenko, S. Bradley; Krimm, Hans A.; Horesh, Assaf; Rau, Arne; Frail, Dale A.; Kennea, Jaime A.; Levan, Andrew J.; Holland, Stephen T.; Butler, Nat R.; Quimby, Robert M.; and 11 coauthors
Swift J2058.4+0516: Discovery of a Possible Second Relativistic Tidal Disruption Flare

40 2011ApJ...733...10R
0.66605/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Richards, Joseph W.; Starr, Dan L.; Butler, Nathaniel R.; Bloom, Joshua S.; Brewer, John M.; Crellin-Quick, Arien; Higgins, Justin; Kennedy, Rachel; Rischard, Maxime
On Machine-learned Classification of Variable Stars with Sparse and Noisy Time-series Data

41 2011arXiv1104.3142B
0.66604/2011A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Bloom, Joshua S.; Richards, Joseph W.
Data Mining and Machine-Learning in Time-Domain Discovery & Classification

42 2011arXiv1104.2274H
0.66604/2011A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Hjorth, Jens; Bloom, Joshua S.
The Gamma-Ray Burst - Supernova Connection

43 2011ApJ...730..134K
0.66604/2011A      E  F          X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Kasliwal, Mansi M.; Kulkarni, Shri R.; Arcavi, Iair; Quimby, Robert M.; Ofek, Eran O.; Nugent, Peter; Jacobsen, Janet; Gal-Yam, Avishay; Green, Yoav; Yaron, Ofer; and 32 coauthors
PTF 10fqs: A Luminous Red Nova in the Spiral Galaxy Messier 99

44 2011ApJ...730...80M
0.66604/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Miller, Adam A.; Hillenbrand, Lynne A.; Covey, Kevin R.; Poznanski, Dovi; Silverman, Jeffrey M.; Kleiser, Io K. W.; Rojas-Ayala, Bárbara; Muirhead, Philip S.; Cenko, S. Bradley; Bloom, Joshua S.; and 21 coauthors
Evidence for an FU Orionis-like Outburst from a Classical T Tauri Star

45 2011arXiv1103.0779C
0.66603/2011A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Cenko, S. Bradley; Bloom, Joshua S.; Kulkarni, S. R.; Strubbe, Linda E.; Miller, Adam A.; Butler, Nathaniel R.; Quimby, Robert M.; Gal-Yam, Avishay; Ofek, Eran O.; Quataert, Eliot; and 21 coauthors
PTF10iya: A short-lived, luminous flare from the nuclear region of a star-forming galaxy

46 2011AJ....141...93B
0.66603/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Butler, Nathaniel R.; Bloom, Joshua S.
Optimal Time-series Selection of Quasars

47 2011ApJ...727L..53C
0.66602/2011        E  F                                  R  C          N      O  U      
Chen, Hsiao-Wen; Perley, Daniel A.; Wilson, Christine D.; Cenko, S. Bradley; Levan, Andrew J.; Bloom, Joshua S.; Prochaska, Jason X.; Tanvir, Nial R.; Dessauges-Zavadsky, Miroslava; Pettini, Max
ERRATUM: "A Mature Dusty Star-forming Galaxy Hosting GRB 080607 at z = 3.036" (2010, ApJ, 723, L218)

48 2011ApJ...727L..35C
0.66602/2011A      E  F          X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Cooke, Jeff; Ellis, Richard S.; Sullivan, Mark; Nugent, Peter; Howell, D. Andrew; Gal-Yam, Avishay; Lidman, Chris; Bloom, Joshua S.; Cenko, S. Bradley; Kasliwal, Mansi M.; and 4 coauthors
Hubble Space Telescope Studies of Nearby Type Ia Supernovae: The Mean Maximum Light Ultraviolet Spectrum and its Dispersion

49 2011AJ....141...40C
0.66602/2011A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Covey, Kevin R.; Hillenbrand, Lynne A.; Miller, Adam A.; Poznanski, Dovi; Cenko, S. Bradley; Silverman, Jeffrey M.; Bloom, Joshua S.; Kasliwal, Mansi M.; Fischer, William; Rayner, John; and 21 coauthors
PTF10nvg: An Outbursting Class I Protostar in the Pelican/North American Nebula

0.66600/2011        E  F                                      C                      U      
Bloom, Joshua S.
What Are Gamma-Ray Bursts?