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2nd Zwicky Informal Workshop:
Transients in the Era of Next-Generation Surveys

The age of automated optical and infrared facilities has ushered in a renaissance for science with small-aperture telescopes. The capabilities for exploring the transient Universe are now rapidly evolving to other wavelength regimes: in California, the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) and the Combined Array for Millimeter Astronomy (CARMA) will open new parameter space in frequency, sensitivity, solid angle coverage, and imaging quality that are likely to lead to new discoveries. But coordinated multi-wavelength studies hold the greatest promise of yielding the deepest physical understanding of new transients.

This one-day workshop at Berkeley was held on May 25th, 2005, bringing together those involved in current transient experiments and those designing the next generation of experiments and instruments to brainstorm on the future of transients.

Key questions are:

9:00-9:30Gather + coffee + pastries
9:30-9:40 Leo BlitzBerkeleyWelcome
9:40-9:55 Don BackerBerkeleyTransients Past
9:55-10:10 Weidong LiBerkeley KAIT and its SN/GRB PPT
10:10-10:25Derek FoxCaltechGRB effort at P60, potentially including SN science or multi-telescope work (Quest -> P60)
10:25 - 10:40 Tom VestrandLos AlamosThinking Telescopes, RAPTOR, and GRB Follow-up PPT
10:40-11:15Coffee Break
11:15-11:30 S. George DjorgovskiCaltechExploring the time domain, and the PQ survey updatePPT
11:30 - 11:45 Avishay Gal-YamCaltechA complete characterization of the transient radio sky down to 6 mJy at 1.4 GHz
11:45 -12:00 Alicia SoderbergCaltechRadio Observations of SNe Ibc PPT
12:00 - 12:15 Michael MunoUCLAWhat are the Faint X-ray Transients Near the Galactic Center?PPT
12:15 - 12:30 Edo BergerCaltechBrown Dwarfs
1:45 -2:00 Douglas BockBerkeleyTransient detection with CARMA PPT
2:00 - 2:15 Geoff BowerBerkeleyTransients with the ATA PPT
2:15 - 2:30Don BackerBerkeleyPAPER: Portable Array to Prove Epoch of ReionizationPPT
2:30 - 2:45 Greg TaylorKIPAC/NRAOExploring the Transient Universe with the Long Wavelength Array
2:45 - 3:00 Paul PriceHawaiiPan-STARRSPPT | PDF
3:00 - 3:15 Kem CookLLNLLSST: A Tidal Wave of Transients
3:15-3:40Coffee Break
3:40 - 3:55 Dan WertheimerBerkeley/SSLEvaporating Black Holes PPT
3:55 - 4:10 Elliot Bloom StanfordOverview of the GLAST mission GRB capabilitiesPPT
4:10 - 4:25Brad HansenUCLAAs Yet Unobserved Transient Phenomena
4:25 - 4:40Roy WilliamsCaltechVOEvents: Connecting the EM spectrum (and others)PPT
4:40 - 4:55 Brian Schmidt Research School of A&ATransient Sources, The Southern Sky Survey and the SkyMapper Telescope
4:55 - 5:10 John VallergaBerkeleyPhoton counting detectors for the visible regionPPT
5:10 - 5:30 Shri KulkarniCaltechClosing Remarks: A Look Ahead

Additional Participants

Tsvi PiranCaltech
Roger BlandfordStanford
Alex FilippenkoBerkeley
Paul DemorestBerkeley
Brandon SwiftBerkeley
Ryan FoleyBerkeley
Frank SerdukeBerkeley
Ryan ChornockBerkeley

Interested?All are welcome to join, but space will be limited to 40. Please contact us if you would like to attend.


We are heavily biasing this workshop towards discussion so talks that span 15 minutes (as most do) will consistent of a 10 minute presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

Travel Resources

You must tell us if you are planning to park your car at SSL by Monday, May 23rd, noon. Information on parking and directions can be found

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Organizing Committee

J. S. Bloom (Berkeley)   jbloom@astro.berkeley.edu
G. Bower (Berkeley)    gbower@astro.berkeley.edu
S. R. Kulkarni (Caltech) srk@astro.caltech.edu

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