Cosmology in the News

Below are some articles relevant to cosmology that we've learned are available on the web. This list was started March 13, 1998 and last updated Sept. 19, 2002.



Cosmic Microwave Background

New X-ray observations

High Redshift Objects

Galaxies in the very Early Universe

Large Scale Structure

New Galaxy Surveys

Missing Matter and types of matter out there

The Distance Scale and Age of the Universe

Theories of the early universe

Lensing (matter bending space)

Supernovae searches, energy of empty space, etc.

New Observing tools

Properties of space


Future of the Universe

Of possible interest but not free or not (fully) on web
Science News Science, New York Times, Physics Today, Sky and Telescope news, Astronomy Magazine, and Scientific American articles (some of these have selected articles on the web but many other interesting ones as well).

Also see compilations made by Scitech daily review, on science in general, with links to many journals

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Disclaimer: this is just a list of things we have gotten around to putting on this web page. There are certainly many more articles out there! Suggestions are welcome, although I might not be able to make all suggested changes.