Some questions to ask about a job

work description:
 skills used
   (eg computer languages....?)
specific retraining for physicists
     how long
     how much

   resources on web
   journals with ads
   relevant conferences
   relevant placement agencies
   list of specific places one can apply to (i will contact them and
      ask if it is ok to list them before putting them on
     a web site, if i ever get around to making the site)
what sort of person could one ask to find out more about career, what
could one read, if one didn't know anyone personally in this field?
is there anyone specific to ask?
anything specific to read?

 goals, aims of work

 what sorts of things do people do all day?
 what kinds of backgrounds,training do people in the field have?

 characterizations:(ie is there a lot of this involved, not much?)
 problem solving 
 managerial:people, ideas, things, other
 how much persuading others, entrepreneurial
     those with similar goals
     those one is trying to sell to
 emphasis on precision
             broad outlines 
             finding methods
 clearly defined goals/person-to-person dependent
 how many people one interacts with daily, long term
   how many doing similar things, how many doing others
is there a community-if so, who is in it,
   local/international, very specialized, what do they consider
   their role to be for people in it, in the world at large?

  how much travelling

how much moving within same career to different jobs
how much colleagues moving around
how much turnover
is there a standard career track with some sort of security at end?
what does person getting most respect and encouragement/prestige in this job
look like?  ideal person for this i.e. type of person best suited for this?
types of people who will have a hard time if they want to do this?

is a need for this sort of job going to grow, or are they retrenching,
or is it unclear?

family needs:
  child care 
  dual career
  hours flexibility (tolerated, encouraged, not discussed)

health benefits
other benefits

best things about it:

worst things about it: