Uh...who's John?

I graduated with my Ph.D. from the UC Berkeley Astronomy Department! I began my NSF Astronomy Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Institute for Astronomy (U of Hawaii) in August. Here's my new homepage

If you are interested in my research or teaching experience, please follow the appropriate links.

If you're just here for fun, read on!

Pictures of my son, Owen.

Further Background Reading

  • The John Page 2000 Perhaps the definitive resource on the web about John Johnson. This historically accurate, yet horribly out of date webpage is the direct predecessor to V8.0 and set a new standard in John Page design.
  • The Johnson Wedding I got hitched!
  • Los Bike Listing My listing on the Los Bike HQ site. If you have to ask, you don't need to know.
  • University of Missouri-Rolla Where I received my B.S. in Physics. I think this makes me a physician. This link is here because very few people in California have ever heard of Missouri or Rolla.
  • Friends
    Yep. I have some friends. Not all of my friends are listed here because not all of my friends have web pages. But some of them do and deserve a little attention.