Journal Club - Fall 2012

Friday's, 12:10 PM, HFA, B-5
Instructor: Paul Kalas

Sanch Borthakur - guest (50 min)

Tracing the Circumgalactic Medium: The Hidden Gas Reservoir of Galaxies

Sep. 21 Sedona Price - student (25 min)

Grism spectroscopy and the 3D-HST survey

Sep. 28  

Oct. 5

Peter Nugent - faculty (25 min)

Progenitors of Type Ia Supernova

Oct. 12

Manos Chatzopoulos - student UT-Austin (50 min)

Superluminous Supernovae from Pair Instability and from SN ejecta - Circumstellar Matter Interaction: Insights from Light Curve Fits and Simulations


Oct. 19

Katie Silverio - student (25 min)

Paul Kalas - faculty (25 min)

An Earth-mass planet orbiting alpha Centauri B

"Dear Grads"

Oct. 26 Iair Arcavi - guest (50 min)

The Explosive Deaths of Massive Stars

Nov. 2

Gaspard Duchene - Researcher (25 min)

Fomalhaut b: Back from the dead

Nov 9 Arash Bodaghee - postdoc (50 min)

Unveiling the vestiges of stellar evolution via multi-wavelength observations of X-ray binaries

Nov 16

Ori Fox - postdoc (25 min)

What Can Dust Tell Us About Progenitor Mass Loss in Type IIn Supernovae?


Nov 30

Dyas Utomo - student (25 min)

Ann-Marie Madigan - postdoc (25 min)




Dec. 7

Josiah Schwab - student (25 min)

Patrick Kelley - postdoc (25 min)




Journal Club at the UCB Astronomy Department is open to everyone and consists of oral presentations that generally focus on the recent astronomical literature. Since the audience is composed of students, postdocs, researchers, faculty and visitors, the presenters are given a rare opportunity to interact with a broad spectrum of the department.

The aims of Journal Club are to: (1) Develop every speaker's ability to analyze an critique modern research efforts; (2) Enable exploration of topics outside one's immediate research interests; (3) Hone presentation skills, including the ability to field questions from the audience.

UCB Astronomy graduate students are expected to give at least one Journal Club presentation during each academic year, except the first year and the final year. Given that it takes an average of six years to obtain a doctoral degree at UCB, graduate students should expect to give at least four Journal Club presentations.

Postdocs are encouraged to contribute at least one presentation, which may cover their own research. Journal Club is an excellent way to introduce themselves to the department.

A few slots are available for guest speakers. The person nominating the guest speaker is required to give a Journal Club presentation within the same semester.

Each presentation is 20 minutes, plus 5 for questions. The full hour may also be requested and is noted in the calendar above.