Here are a few photos from around the world. All work is copyrighted.

If you would like to use one of my photographs for non-profit, educational purposes, please cite the photo with "Paul Kalas", or "Paul Kalas, UC Berkeley", and send me an e-mail (mainly so I can understand which photographs are popular). If you would like to use something for a book, documentary, etc., please contact me for permissions, high-resolution files and model release forms.


Mauna Kea, Hawaii, Sunset (large image)

Gemini North 8-meter (large image)

Lick Observatory 3-meter, California, with laser (large image)

Skinakas 1.3-meter, Crete, Greece (large image)

A telescope fetus, soon to be born (or maybe an egg, soon to hatch) (large image)

"Um, could we just go to the park now?"

"If you hate taking off your boots at airport security, then dress up as Santa and try this."