Katherine de Kleer

Graduate Student | Department of Astronomy | University of California, Berkeley

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501 Campbell Hall #3411
Berkeley, CA 94720


307D Campbell Hall

About Me

I am a PhD candidate and NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the Astronomy Department at the University of California, Berkeley. I am interested in dynamic planetary processes and how they relate to the surface environments, atmospheres, and thermochemical histories of planets and satellites. My research focuses on characterizing these processes through the application of powerful statistical methods to boundary-pushing telescope observations at optical through radio wavelengths. My work to date has focused on topics including the atmospheric composition and global circulation of Uranus, Neptune, and Jupiter; the volcanism, atmosphere, and tidal heating of Io; and the sub-surface material properties of Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede.

Research Interests

  • Dynamic processes in the solar system: atmospheric circulation and weather; geological activity; neutral and plasma environments
  • Planetary atmospheres: ice giant atmospheres; radiative transfer modeling; Io's volcanic atmosphere
  • Planetary & satellite surfaces: composition and material properties, as a tracer of past evolution and ongoing exogenic and endogenic processes
  • Tidal heating as it relates to Io's volcanism and the habitability of icy moons and exoplanets
  • Volcanism: on Io and Earth; as a source of crustal and atmospheric material in the early solar system; on magma exoplanets
  • Astrobiology: Europa, Enceladus, and detection of geological and biological signatures on extrasolar planets