Katherine de Kleer

Graduate Student | Department of Astronomy | University of California, Berkeley

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  1. Neptune long-lived atmospheric features in 2013-2015 from small (28 cm) and large (10 m) telescopes
    Hueso, R., Kivits, W., Simon, A., Rojas, J., Gorczynski, P., Ammons, M., Law, N., Riddle, R., Sanchez-Lavega, A., Tollefson, J., de Kleer, K., and 24 co-authors. Icarus, in review.

  2. Our Solar System - A panorama
    de Kleer, K., de Pater, I. In: Handbook of Exoplanets, Ed. J.A. Belmonte and H. Deeg, Springer Publishing, in press.

  3. Three decades of Loki Patera observations
    de Pater, I., de Kleer, K., Davies, A., Ádámkovics, M. Icarus, in press.

  4. Two small transiting planets and a possible third body orbiting HD 106315
    Crossfield, I.J.M., Ciardi, D.R., Isaacson, H., Howard, A.W., Petigura, E.A., Weiss, L.M., Fulton, B.J., Sinukoff, E., Schlieder, J.E., Mawet, D., Ruane, G., de Pater, I., de Kleer, K. and 11 co-authors. arXiv:1701.03811 (2017).

  5. Multi-phase volcanic resurfacing at Loki Patera on Io
    de Kleer, K., Skrutskie, M., Leisenring, J., Davies, A.G., Conrad, A., de Pater, I., Resnick, A., Bailey, V., Defrere, D., Hinz, P., Skemer, A., Spalding, E., Vaz, A., Veillet, C., Woodward, C.E. Nature 545, 199-202 (2017).

  6. Io's Loki Patera: Modeling of Three Brightening Events in 2013-2016
    de Kleer, K. and de Pater, I. Icarus, 289, 181-198 (2017).

  7. Radar Observations and Shape Model of Asteroid 16 Psyche
    M. Shepard, J. Richardson, P. Taylor, L. Rodrigues-Ford, A. Conrad, I. de Pater, M. Adamkovics, K. de Kleer & 14 co-authors. Icarus, 281, 388 (2016).

  8. Spatial Distribution of Io's volcanic activity from near-IR adaptive optics observations on 100 nights in 2013-2015
    de Kleer, K. & de Pater, I. Icarus, 280, 405-414 (2016).

  9. Time Variability of Io's volcanic activity from near-IR adaptive optics observations on 100 nights in 2013-2015
    de Kleer, K. & de Pater, I. Icarus, 280, 378-404 (2016).

  10. Retrieving Neptune’s aerosol properties from Keck OSIRIS Observations. I. Dark Regions
    Luszcz-Cook, S., de Kleer, K., de Pater, I., et al. Icarus, 276, 52 (2016).

  11. Io: Eruptions at Pillan, and the time evolution of Pele and Pillan from 1996 to 2015
    de Pater, I., Laver, C., Davies, A.G., de Kleer, K., Williams, D.A., Howell, R.R., Rathbun, J.A., Spencer, J.R. Icarus, 264, 198 (2016).

  12. Spatially-resolved M-band emission from Io's Loki Patera - Fizeau imaging at the 22.8 meter LBT
    Conrad, A., de Kleer, K., Leisenring, J., La Camera, A., and 16 co-authors. AJ, 149, 175 (2015).

  13. Clouds and aerosols on Uranus: Radiative transfer modeling of spatially-resolved near-infrared Keck spectra
    de Kleer, K., Luszcz-Cook, S., de Pater, I., Ádámkovics, M., Hammel, H. Icarus, 256, 120 (2015).

  14. A nearby M star with three transiting super-Earths discovered by K2
    Crossfield, I., Petigura, E., Schlieder, J.E., Howard, A.W., Fulton, B.J., Aller, K.M., Ciardi, D.R., Lepine, S., Barclay, T., de Pater, I., de Kleer, K., Quintana, E.V., and 15 co-authors. ApJ, 804, 10 (2015).

  15. Near-infrared monitoring of Io & detection of a violent outburst in August 2013
    de Kleer, K., de Pater, I., Davies, A.G., Ádámkovics, M., 2014. Icarus, 252, 352

  16. Near-Infrared Spectra of the Uranian Ring System
    de Kleer, K., de Pater, I., Ádámkovics, M., Hammel, H. Icarus, 226, 1038 (2013).

  17. CfA4: Light Curves for 94 Type Ia Supernovae
    Hicken. M., Challis, P., Kierschner, R.P., Rest, A., Cramer, C.E., Wood-Vasey, W.M., Bakos, Gaspar, Berlind, Perry., Brown, W.R., Caldwell, N., Calkins, M., Currie, T., de Kleer, K., and 26 co-authors. ApJ Supplement 200, 12 (2012).

  18. Keck adaptive optics images of Jupiter's north polar cap and Northern Red Oval
    de Pater, I., Wong, M.H., de Kleer, K., Hammel, H., Ádámkovics, M., Conrad, A. Icarus, 213, 559 (2011).

  19. A Prograde, Low-inclination Orbit for the very hot Jupiter WASP-3b
    Tripathi, A., Winn, J.N., Johnson, J.A., Howard, A.W., Halverson, S., Marcy, G.W., Holman, M.J., de Kleer, K., Carter, J.A., Esquerdo, G.A., Everett, M.E., Cabrera, N.E. ApJ, 715, 421 (2010).

  20. Leonids 2006 Observations of the Tail of Trails
    Jenniskens, P., de Kleer, K., Vaubaillon, J., Trigo-Rodriguez, J.M., Madiedo, J.M., and 9 co-authors. Icarus, 196, 171 (2008).