B.S., Physics, The Johns Hopkins University, 2002
M.S., Astronomy, University of Washington, 2004

PhD., Astronomy, University of Washington, 2008


Beginning Fall 2011

Princeton University
Henry Norris Russell Postdoctoral Fellow
Fall 2008 - present
University of California, Berkeley
Postdoctoral fellow studying stellar activity in the Kepler Mission data.
Advisor: Gibor Basri

Fall 2006 - present

LSST Science Collaboration
Chair, Transient Science Working Group.

Fall 2002 - Summer 2008

University of Washington, Department of Astronomy
Thesis: an observational and theoretical program to self-consistently model a quiescent M dwarf atmosphere.
Advisor: Suzanne Hawley

Fall 1997 - Summer 2002

The Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys
Analysis of flight candidate CCDs for Advanced Camera for Surveys.
Mentors: Drs. Holland Ford, Mark Clampin, George Hartig, Marco Sirianni, David Golimowski, Gerhardt Meurer

Summer 2001

Yale University
Reduction and analysis of x-ray and optical observations of Aquila X-1.
Mentor: Dr. Charles Bailyn

Fall 1999 - 2001
The Research Consortium for Nearby Stars
Analysis of M dwarf spectra; development of IDL spectral typing software.
Mentors: Drs. Todd Henry, David Golimowski, Alan Uomoto

Summer 1999
The Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Observations and astrometry of comets and asteroids.
Mentor: Dr. Paul R. Weissman

Summer 1998
Columbia University
Difference Imaging Photometry of microlensing events in M31.
Mentor: Dr. Arlin Crotts

Fall/Summer 1996-1997
American Chemical Society Project SEED Scholar
New York University
Phosphorus chemistry in the Jovian atmosphere.
Mentor: Dr. Yorke E. Rhodes

Summer 1996
New York Academy of Science Scholar
City College of the City University of New York
Analysis of doped semiconductors.
Mentor: Dr. Myriam P. Sarachik