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Associate Professor of Astronomy  |  University of California, Berkeley


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About Me

I am an associate professor in the Astronomy Department of the University of California at Berkeley. My research focuses on the formation and evolution of galaxies across cosmic time.

New Downloads

  1. MOSDEF Spectroscopic redshifts (Kriek et al. 2015)

Recent Publications

The MOSDEF Survey: Dynamical and Baryonic Masses and Kinematic Structures of Star-Forming Galaxies at 1.4 ≤ z ≤ 2.6
Price, S. H., Kriek, M., Shapley, A. E., Reddy, N. A., Freeman, W. R., Coil, A. L., de Groot, L., Shivaei, I., Siana, B., Azadi, M., Barro, G., Mobasher, B., Sanders, R. L., & Zick, T. 2015, ApJ, submitted (arXiv:1511.03272)

The MOSDEF Survey: Measurements of Balmer Decrements and the Dust Attenuation Curve at Redshifts z~1.4-2.6
Reddy, N. A., Kriek, M., Shapley, A. E., Freeman, W. R., Siana, B., Coil, A. L., Mobasher, B., Price, S. H., Sanders, R. L., & Shivaei, I. 2015, ApJ, 806, 259

The MOSFIRE Deep Evolution Field (MOSDEF) Survey: Rest-frame Optical Spectroscopy for ~1500 H-Selected Galaxies at 1.37 ≤ z ≤ 3.8
Kriek, M., Shapley, A. E., Reddy, N. A., Siana, B., Coil, A. L., Mobasher, B., Freeman, W. R., de Groot, L., Price, S. H., Sanders, R., Shivaei, I., Brammer, G. B., Momcheva, I. G., Skelton, R. E., van Dokkum, P. G., Whitaker, K. E., Aird, J., Azadi, M., Kassis, M., Bullock, J. S., Conroy, C., Davé,  R., Keres, D., & Krumholz, M. 2015, ApJS, 218, 15



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