The arXiv discussion takes place every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:15 am. See the listing of recent papers here.

Code for the arxiv bookmarking tool is available a

(August 24, 2010) The arxiv discussion page has moved to This page is being kept up for reference. You can follow the instructions below to uninstall the plugin and remove the "List for discussion" buttons from

(March 12, 2010) The new version of Firefox (3.6) breaks the previous version of the extension (arxivdiscussion.xpi v0.1.1). This is only due to a versioning mismatch and not a code incompatibility. To fix the problem, please reinstall the .xpi file in the normal way described below. The new version will appear as arxivdiscussion v0.1.2 in the Firefox Add-ons panel and should now work for any version of Firefox greater than 2.0. Please notify Matt George if you have any problems getting this to work.

A software tool can be used to modify the way you see the website and it's mirrors. This tool adds a button next to each paper that allows you to submit them to a local website that lists papers for discussion. You just need to copy a file onto your machine and follow the installation instructions below, then click on interesting papers. To see how the website is modified when you have the plugin installed, see these screenshots with the "List for discussion" button added [list page, abstract page].

The plugin is currently not hosted on this website in order to restrict access to local users, but once you have it on your machine, it should work from anywhere. If you're a local user without an Astro account (e.g., LBL or Physics), contact me and I'll email you the file needed ( or 751 Campbell).

To get the Firefox plugin:

from a local machine: cp ~mgeorge/arxiv/arxivdiscussion.xpi .
from a remote machine: scp .
(you will have to enter your password)

Firefox Installation/Uninstallation

Once you've gotten ahold of the .xpi file, just use Firefox to open it, and it will install automatically. Restart Firefox, and you should see buttons that say "List for discussion" on listings. Once it's installed, you can delete the arxivdiscussion.xpi file.

To uninstall, go to Tools->Add-Ons in Firefox, find arxivdiscussion.xpi and click Uninstall. You can also just disable the plugin to keep it quiet.

To get the Safari plugin:

from a local machine: cp ~mgeorge/arxiv/arxivdiscussion_safari.user.js .
from a remote machine: scp .
(you will have to enter your password)

Safari Installation/Uninstallation

This is a bit more involved than the Firefox installation. First you should install SIMBL (requires root). Second, you should install Greasekit. (Note: The current version of GreaseKit - 1.7 as of 9/25/09 - seems to be having problems. Contact Matt George to get an older compatible version.) Then once you've gotten ahold of the .user.js file, use Safari to open it, and it will install automatically. While running Safari, if you click on the Greasekit menu, "arxiv discussion" should have a checkmark next to it and you should see buttons that say "List for discussion" on listings. Once it's installed, you can delete the arxivdiscussion_safari.user.js file.

To disable the plugin, click on the Greasekit menu and select arxiv discussion so that the checkmark next to it is removed. To uninstall, go to Greasekit->Manage scripts, select arxiv discussion in the left panel and click the Uninstall button.


The point is to minimize the barrier for participation in the arXiv discussion. There was a previous method to submit papers for discussion by using a wiki on bSpace. But you had to enter a password each time, and bSpace sucks, so it fell into disuse. Now while you're browsing astro-ph, if you see an interesting paper, you can just tag it and it will be listed here. Hopefully more people will bring in more papers, we all can learn about a diverse set of topics, and everyone benefits.

Additionally, if everyone can see what papers others have found interesting in advance, perhaps they will read them before the meetings to enable a more engaging discussion (i.e., don't look at the listing and think, "great, someone else tagged it so they can explain it to me and I won't have to bother reading it.")


Contact Matt George (, 751 Campbell) with any issues. The plugin currently only works in Firefox and Safari, with only a couple of recent versions tested. If you want to see something for Chrome, Opera, etc. or other features let me know.

Known issues that might be fixed in the future


The Firefox (Safari) browser plugin is based on a GreaseMonkey (Greasekit) script which calls a local page written in PHP that in turn parses the paper metadata from the arxiv API using the SimplePie library and maintains a database built with SQLite. The style sheet for the paper list page was stolen from, with the header color scheme appropriately modified. Thanks to OSU's Astronomy Coffee for the initial idea and to James Graham of Cambridge for an earlier implementation in Python.


No identifying information is stored from the browser plugin or while submitting papers for discussion. IP addresses are stored upon visiting the submitted paper list in order to gauge use of the website.

Paper list

You may wish to bookmark the URL:

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