Margaret Pan

UC Berkeley Astronomy Department Fax 510-642-3411
601 Campbell Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720 Citizenship: USA

Research Interests
  Theoretical astrophysics, including but not limited to
  • Planetary dynamics; extrasolar planets; disks of small bodies and dust in our and other solar systems
  • Relativistic shocks and self-similar solutions

  Center for Integrative Planetary Science and Theoretical Astrophysics
Center Fellow, UC Berkeley
  Member, Institute for Advanced Study 2006-2009

  California Institute of Technology 2001-2006
  PhD in Astrophysics  
  Advisor: Re'em Sari

  Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1997-2001
  SB degrees in Physics and Planetary Science; minor in Mathematics

  Harvard-Smithsonian CfA 1999-2000
  NSF undergraduate research assistant (SAO Intern)  

Awards and Honors
  George Ellery Hale Fellowship (Caltech) 2001-2005
  NSF Graduate Research Fellowship 2001-2004
  Malcolm Cotton Brown Award (MIT Physics) 2001
  Phi Beta Kappa (MIT) 2001
  National Merit Scholar 1997

Teaching Experience
  Assisted in planning/organizing/leading graduate reading seminars
`Rocky and Icy Planets', `Planets and Life', and 'Exoplanet Physics',
UC Berkeley Astronomy Dept.
  Teaching assistant, Caltech
Duties included grading problem sets and preparing solutions; holding office hours, problem sessions, and telescope lab sessions; and giving occasional lectures.
Planetary Dynamics (graduate)
Cosmology and Galaxy Formation (graduate)
Galaxies and Cosmology (undergraduate)
Basic Astronomy and the Galaxy (undergraduate)
  Teaching/lab assistant, Observing Stars and Planets (undergrad), MIT 1999-2001

Professional Affiliations/Service
  Member, American Astronomical Society 1999-present
  Graduate admissions committee, Caltech Astrophysics 2003
  Referee, ApJ, AJ, Icarus 2005-present
  Colloquia planning/organization/hosting, IAS Astrophysics 2007-2009
  Informal popular presentations for the IAS community
and Berkeley elementary school students

Selected Publications
  ``Self-similar size and velocity distributions of collisional cascades''. M. Pan and H. E. Schlichting. ApJ, submitted.
  ``Care and feeding of frogs''. M. Pan and E. I. Chiang. AJ, accepted (2011).
  ``Observational biases in determining extrasolar planet eccentricities in single-planet systems''. N. Zakamska, M. Pan, and E. B. Ford. MNRAS 410, 1895 (2011)
  ``The propeller and the frog''. M. Pan and E. I. Chiang. ApJ 722L, 178 (2010)
  ``Composite self-similar solutions for relativistic shocks: The transition to cold fluid temperatures''. M. Pan and R. Sari. Physics of Fluids 21, 6101 (2009)
  ``Rotation rates in the Koronis family, complete to H~11.2''. S. M. Slivan, R. P. Binzel, S. C. Boroumand, M. Pan, C. M. Simpson, J. T. Tanabe, R. M. Villastrigo, L. L. Yen, R. P. Ditteon, D. P. Pray, and R. D. Stephens, Icarus 195, 226 (2008)
  ``Self-similar solutions for relativistic shocks emerging from stars with polytropic envelopes''. M. Pan and R. Sari, ApJ 643, 416 (2006)
  ``Shaping the Kuiper belt size spectrum by shattering large but strengthless bodies''. M. Pan and R. Sari, Icarus 173, 342 (2005)
  ``A generalization of the Lagrangian points: studies of resonance for highly eccentric orbits''. M. Pan and R. Sari, AJ 128, 1418 (2004)
  ``The plane of the Kuiper belt''. M. E. Brown and M. Pan, AJ 127, 2418 (2004)
  ``Testing models of stellar evolution for metal-poor stars: an interferometric-spectroscopic orbit for the binary HD 195987''. G. Torres, A. F. Boden, D. W. Latham, M. Pan, R. P. Stefanik, AJ 124, 1716 (2002)

Selected Presentations
  ``The propeller and the frog'', Planetary Science seminar, UCLA, March 2011.
  ``Revisiting the (RV) exoplanet eccentricity distribution'', colloquium, Institute of Astronomy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, November 2010.
  ``Revisiting the (RV) exoplanet eccentricity distribution'', seminar, Leiden Observatory, November 2010.
  ``Revisiting the (RV) exoplanet eccentricity distribution'', colloquium of the `Theory and Observations of Exoplanets' program, KITP, UC Santa Barbara, April 2010.
  ``Revisiting the (RV) exoplanet eccentricity distribution'' (talk), Theoretical Astrophysics seminar, UC Berkeley, December 2009.
  ``Secular chaos in the solar system'', `Dynamics of Outer Planetary Systems' workshop of the `Dynamics of Discs and Planets' program of the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK, November 2009.
  ``Composite self-similar solutions'', Theoretical Astrophysics seminar, UC Berkeley, May 2008.
  ``Shaping the Kuiper belt size spectrum'', CITA seminar, Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, December 2005.
  ``Shaping the Kuiper belt size spectrum'', Informal astrophysics seminar, Institute for Advanced Study, November 2005.
  ``Shaping the Kuiper belt size spectrum'', Theoretical Astrophysics seminar, UC Berkeley, November 2005.
  ``Resonance and diffusion for highly eccentric particles'', Aspen Winter Conference on ``Planetary Formation and Detection'' , February 2005.
  ``Impact evolution of the Kuiper belt'', Mineral Physics Luncheon, Caltech Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, April 2004.
  ``Shaping the KBO size spectrum'', Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at UC Santa Barbara, March 2004.

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