The Allen Telescope Array (ATA)

The Allen Telescope Array is a 42-element radio telescope situated at Hat Creek, CA.

One of the major science goals of the ATA is to image large areas of the sky and search for transient events. We have recently published scientific papers describing results from two such surveys, the 1.4 GHz ATA Twenty-cm Survey (ATATS) and the 3.14 GHz Pi GHz Sky Survey (PiGSS). ATATS imaged 700 square degrees of sky 11 times to a sensitivity of ~12 mJy / beam in each epoch. PiGSS imaged four 12 square degree fields (Lockman, ELAIS-N1, NDWFS, and Coma) between 50 and 180 times each, to a sensitivity of ~3 mJy / beam in each epoch, and ~250 uJy / beam in deep fields made from all of the epochs at each position.

PiGSS also imaged a 5000 square degree region of sky to ~3 mJy / beam, and 2500 square degrees of this region was imaged twice; these results will be presented in an upcoming paper.

Here is a recent poster from the 2013 Long Beach AAS meeting that describes some of the results from ATATS and PiGSS.

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