Statia Luszcz Cook

I am a Ph. D. candidate in the Department of Astronomy at UC Berkeley, working with Imke de Pater on Neptune's atmospheric dynamics. I observe Neptune in two different wavelength ranges, the near-infrared and the millimeter, and develop radiative transfer codes to analyze these data and learn more about the composition, structure, and variability of the atmosphere. I am an experienced observer, with several nights on the Keck telescope in Hawaii and 49 days at the CARMA millimeter array in CA under my belt.

Prior to my graduate work at Berkeley, I was an undergraduate at Cornell University, where I worked with Joseph Harrington on Spitzer observations of the light curves of transiting and non-transiting extrasolar planets. I continue to enjoy learning about extrasolar planets, and am particularly interested in the ways we can use our knowledge of the Solar System planets to help us understand the more limited data we get from extrasolar planet observations.