Outreach and Volunteering

I love sharing science with others. Recently, in honor of the completion of Neptune's first orbit since its discovery, I gave the public talk "Celebrating One Neptune Year" for both the Eastbay Astronomical Society and the Peninsula Astronomical Society. With the help of my husband, Jonathan, I also developed and performed a planetarium show about Neptune's discovery for the Chabot Space and Science Center. If you are interested in having me speak for your group about Neptune or another topic in planetary science, please contact me!

I am an active volunteer at Chabot Space and Science Center. You can find me there every other weekend, primarily talking about the sun and guiding visitors in solar observing activities. We have some wonderful solar telescopes for observing sun spots and prominances, as well as some impressive telescopes for night viewing on Friday and Saturday nights. Last but not least, I volunteer weekly at Oakland Animal Services, where I socialize dogs and councel potential adopters.

our dog charlie

our dog Charlie